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Purfling/Binding Cutter Attachment Plans

These complete and detailed plans are for constructing a purfling/binding cutter router used to create binding and purfling channels on acoustic guitars. The original plans for this device appeared in the book and were later redrawn and improved for the guitar making 10-DVD box set.

Binding cutter can be used to cut channels on classical and steel string guitars.


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These complete and detailed plans are for constructing a purfling/binding cutter router used to create binding and purfling channels on acoustic guitars. The attachment can be mounted on any laminate trimming router. Use of this device was demonstrated in both the guitar making book and the 10-DVD box set. The two-piece attachment is fully adjustable for both the depth and height of the cut and capable of cutting both the purfling and binding channels.

When cutting channels for the bindings it is recommended that they are cut in multiple passes since this is a lot of wood to remove in one pass with a small bit. The purfling channels are typically smaller and subsequently much less wood is being removed so these channels may be cut in one pass. A 1/4″ down spiral bit is recommended for best cutting results.

(verified owner)

These are high quality and very detailed plans. I have not seen better drawings in any plans I have used before. I consider this an advanced project. The plan has to be adapted to the router you have. And the dados and channels have tight specifications and are not easy to do for those, like me, with less experience. But I got a working model done and it works perfectly. I am very happy with the result.

(verified owner)

Easy download. Received it nice and promptly. Just follow the instructions for printing (Actual size as opposed to fit to page. Just waiting for my new laminate trimmer before starting to construct it.

(verified owner)

Great plans for a super binding/purfling router jig. Many other products out there but these plans are of great detail and easy to build. Thanks

(verified owner)

This jig is a perfect fit for the compact router, and the plans are very clear and resulted in an easy-to-build part. I was able to completely lay out, cut out, and make the jig in two hours, and using the router with this jig is a breeze. Thank you, John.

(verified owner)

Easy to follow and easy to modify for other types of routers. Keep the router bit center the same as plans when making the changes and everything will work as planned. Adds stability and control when cutting into the sound box you just spent days assembling.

(verified owner)

Received the plans for the binding/purfling tool and had a great making it , would have sent a photo but no place here to do it thanks I’ll try to send one of the guitar and the tool.

(verified owner)

Top quality plans- This jig makes life much easier and gives pro results (Much better with this jig than trying to “free hand the router”).

(verified owner)

I bought the plans for building the purfling-binding cutter tool to use with my Bosch palm router. With a small adaptation it fits the jig and works very well.

I bought the plans for download, with no problems.

I recommend this tool.

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