Learn Guitar Making

Learn guitar Making and much more. To make a quality guitar you really need to know a lot more than this goes here and that goes there.  Real guitar building requires real skill. If you would like to improve your skills and learn to make a quality guitar look no further. I promise, in my classes you will  learn how to use your tools properly, learn about wood and other materials, and learn to build a true concert guitar. You will be a better craftsman when you leave, and you will be able to build a guitar on your own.

Guitar builders giving instruction on YouTube claim to have all kinds of background and experience – trust me, they don’t. The guitar is all that matters. If someone cannot build even just a good guitar, they surely won’t be able to show you how. My background and experience is real. My guitars are played by professional players and studio musicians worldwide.

Guitar building requires many skills. A solid understanding of the materials,  how use them for sound production, how to use tools properly, how to make the right decisions throughout the process, and knowing what quality of sound and play-abilty are but a few. You will learn what to look for, how to get the most out of your material, what works, what doesn’t and why.

True Craftsmanship is a Dying Art

True craftsmanship is a dying art. I learned the old fashioned way – years of apprenticeship and study. These types of learning opportunities are almost non-exsistent and often not  an option for those wanting to become true craftsman. I have made it my mission to pass on the skills and knowledge I have learned in over 40 years as a craftsman and guitar builder in order to try and keep the craft alive.

If you are really looking to learn more than just how to slap a guitar together – call me. These classes will provide that for you and more. There are lots of guys out there today teaching guitar building that offer little in this regard, so do do yourself a favor, you will not be disappointed.

What you can expect in Classes

See the type of expert instruction you will get in the classes. Learning from the videos before taking a class will significantly increase your learning experience in class.

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Video Subscription

Become a paid subscriber and gain access to all the John Bogdanovich’s award-winning videos. The classical guitar making video and the plane making video have been remastered for the web. New instructional videos will be added monthly.

The Basic Subscription package  gives you access to all the videos, all the time, on all your devices. The Premium Subscription package  not only gives you access to all the videos but enables you to download all the drawings applicable to each video as well. Great instructional content with high quality video. You may cancel at any time.

From: $30.00 / month

“I found Bogdanovich’s building method to be an enjoyable opportunity to learn some new things. It also provides exposure to a diverse set of woodworking skills while watching someone proficiently executing those skills. A lot of general woodworking can be learned buy following this project.

–  Tom Harper, American Luthierie Magazine, Review of guitar making dvd series

Class Dates for 2018

I haven’t flaked out on you all, J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars has been going through some restructuring to make improvements for visitors, members and subscribers to help you have a better learning experience. Bear with us while this is going on.

I will post dates for a limited number of classes in 2018. Since we are half way through the year the dates will be in late fall. If you are interested taking a class please sign up right away, these classes will fill up quickly.

Thank you,John

One-on-One Class

Student bracing soundboard

Build a truly fine guitar in twelve days.  I will be guiding  you every step of the way.  And the best part – you will take the guitar with you when you go.  That’s right, build a top quality instrument with great sound and play-ability – and you will learn more than you thought possible in 12 days.  Learn more about the one­-on-one guitar building class…

Hands-On Classes

John with student

The hands-on guitar making classes cover the building of classical guitar from start to finish in two classes, the first class tackles making all parts, the second putting them all together. Students get to work hands-on building  the guitar with my guidance. Get valuable tips on guitar building as well as how to use your tools properly.  Get all the details on the hands-on guitar building classes…

Work Efficiency Class

John giving lecture

Whether you are thinking about turning pro or just trying to get your guitar building to go more smoothly and get better results while enjoying your work – this class is for you. Cut way down on wasted time and energy. Get valuable advise on many different topics.  Learn more about the work more efficiently class…

Learn Proven Guitar Building Methods

The methods I use to make my guitars, as demonstrated in my book and dvd  series are unique. These are techniques that I have picked from some world renown master craftsman that I have worked or studied with over the course of my life. I have been fortunate. My guitars have a solid reputation and have landed in the hands of some extraordinary players. If you are serious about guitar building and want to learn how to make a true quality guitar you might want to learn some of these  methods. I promise the sound and look of your guitars will improve measurably.

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