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Classical Guitar Template Set

Classical Guitar Template Set

The classical guitar template set consists of the plantilla, headpiece, fingerboard, and bridge patch templates. These templates are made of high quality clear acrylic allowing you to see the grain orientation when trying to get the desired graphics in the wood. Made with CNC accuracy for maximum precision and symmetry these templates are time savers allowing you to make a guitar with confidence.

Fret Slotting-Template

Classical Guitar Fret Slotting Template

The classical guitar fret placement template is used to create the slots in the fingerboard of the guitar for the frets. The template is used with a table saw sled demonstrated in the guitar making DVD. Created with CNC accuracy the template has both standard and compensated (from the book and DVD) fret positions and is made of .220″ clear acrylic. Available in 650mm scale length.

fret slotting kit

Fret Slotting Kit

The best way to cut the slots for your frets is with a table saw fret slotting system. This will assure your frets are in the right position and your instrument will be intonated correctly.
The fret slotting kit contains the fret slotting template which includes the compensated fret spacing as used in the book and dvd for improved intonation as well as the standard spacing, UHMW runners for the table saw, a registration pin, and a dimensioned drawing for the sled. Kit is available in 650mm scale length only.