Adjustable Classical Guitar Tuner Drilling Jig

The adjustable Classical Guitar Tuner Drilling Jig will enable you to drill holes for the tuner machine rollers accurately. The jig will enable you to drill three holes 35mm on center. This is the most common roller spacing for classical guitars. With the shims provided, guitar builders can use the jig to drill holes for Sloane bronze leaf and stippled brass tuning machines. The jig works in conjunction with the J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars head piece template. Whereby you can drill the holes for the rollers without removing the headpiece template. This greatly simplifies completion of the headpiece.

The shims serve to move the holes closer or farther away from the top surface of the headpiece. This distance depends on base plate width. The thinner the shim –  the closer the holes will be to the top edge of the headpiece.  The jig comes with two shims, one for bronze leaf and one for stippled brass Sloane tuners. The thinner shim is used for the bronze leaf tuners. These tuner are available at Stew Mac.  Additionally, you can easily make shims to fit any type of 35mm on center tuning machines.

Drill the roller holes with the headpiece template on. The alignment marks on the jig should line up with the alignment mark on the template for easy positioning. This way the headpiece template will not have to be removed and re-positioned before cutting out the tuner slots in the headpiece. Which will result in very accurate placement of your tuning machines.

How to Use the Classical Guitar Tuner Drilling Jig

Drilling Holes with the Jig for Best Results

The video above demonstrates how to drill accurate holes with the jig. You will get the best results by drilling the holes on a drill press. A drill press vice will steady the neck and provide a rest for the bottom of the jig. This will result in holes that are perpendicular to the sides of the headpiece. The tuning machines will not fit properly with holes that are not perpendicular.