Woodworking Supplies for Guitar Building

woodworking supplies - wooden hand planes - a furniture exampleWoodworking supplies for guitar building are available at J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars to help you with your guitar building project. Tools are expensive and some are hard to find. What if you could make tools that were as good for a fraction of the cost?

I learned how to make Krenov style wooden hand planes from Jim Krenov himself while at the College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking Program. Jim was known for his hand planes. He made countless fine hand planes over the years and often said they changed his life. I use them to make guitars and I have put together a video demonstrating how to make Krenov style wooden hand planes. The method I use to make planes is  bit different than what I learned at the school. I think its a bit easier.

The video demonstrates how to make a bench plane and a compass plane. Kits for both types of planes are also available in the store.  Additional woodworking projects will be added to the video subscription service and more woodworking supplies will be added as needed. The projects will be geared toward teaching the skills you’ll need to make a guitar, as well as making some of the tools yourself which will save you some money.

Woodwworking supplies - Make Hand Planes DVD

Learn to Make Krenov Style Wooden Hand Planes

I learned how to make wooded Krenov style hand planes from Jim Krenov himself. During my two years at the fine woodworking program at the College of the Redwoods in Fort Bragg, California I made a collection of hand planes. Planes were made to fit the job at hand.

The guitar’s top and back are not flat but domed. Hence the surfaces of  the work boards used to construct these parts must be dished to a specified radius. This can be done quickly and easily with a compass plane. I used a compass plane in the book and video to do this.

You cannot easily find these planes readily available. f you can they are very expensive. These planes are easy to make however so I later produced the video “Making Hand Planes” showing how you can easily make both a compass plane and a bench plane for building your guitar.

Plane Making Kits

Wooden Hand Plane KitsNow you don’t have to scrounge up the materials to make your planes. J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars offers plane making kits for both a bench plane and a compass plane. Customers can save money by purchasing the complete plane making kit which includes both plane kits and the dvd. The plane kits contain everything you need to get started building your planes following right along with the DVD.  Kits include wood, blades and drawings.

This is a great project to get warmed up before making your guitar. The project can be completed by anyone regardless of skill level. Even if you have never done it before you can complete the planes in a weekend. It can be very rewarding to work with a plane that you have created yourself. Wooden planes are lighter so they are easier on the hands. The wood on wood action also creates a burnishing effect on the wood leaving a great looking surface. Check out the plane making kits in the store…

Plane Blade & Breaker Assemblies

Blades for Krenov style wooden hand planesThe blade and breaker assembly for the compass plane and the bench plane are custom made for us by Ron Hock. The blades and breakers have been designed for use in the Krenov style wooden hand planes I use in my shop. They are the finest quality blade and breaker assembly available.

These blades are made of high quality high carbon steel to hold an edge longer, yet are not difficult to sharpen. Both the blades and breakers require some preparation before use. This preparation is explained in detail on the Plane Making DVD and see how to sharpen your tools in the tools and basic skills section on the site.