The Rosette Inlay Router Attachment

The 2-Pi Rosette Cutter Router Attachment can be mounted on any laminate trimming router to install any type of guitar rosette, cut out the sound holes, and create round patches. This versatile attachment is easy to mount and is fully adjustable. It will cut a circular pattern from about 7″ to 3/4″ in diameter. The 2 piece attachment comes with hardware, complete illustrated instructions, and a 1/4″ diameter steel pin which the router rotates on.

The attachment is easy to mount (see video below), just remove the plastic base on the router and use it as a template to drill the screw holes.  Countersink the holes on the bottom face and screw the larger piece in place. The smaller piece goes on top with the pointed end facing the router and is attached through the bottom with the bolt, washer and wing nut included. Put the 1/4″ pin into your work board and you are ready to go!

New – Improvement Made for Easy Adjustment!

You can now loosen and tighten the bolt that locks in the position of the cutter without removing the router from the work board. And you don’t need a screwdriver to make the adjustment any longer. A self locking bolt has replaced the pan head bolt making adjustment a breeze. The new bolt also provides some drag which eliminates slippage while adjusting. If you have already purchased an attachment watch the video below to easily make the modification yourself.  All new attachments ship with the modification.

Mounting the 2-Pi Rosette Cutting Router Attachment

An ideal laminate trimmer to use with this attachment is the Ryobi 2401 adjustable. Get information on this router for rosette inlay here.

Rosette Inlay Router Attachment Modification for Customers that Already have the Attachment

The rosette inlay router attachment can be easily modified if you already have one. All its takes is a 1-1/4″ long  1/4″- 20 turns per inch carriage bolt. The bolt needs to be modified slightly to fit in the slot since the head is a bit too wide. Its easy to do and the bolt is less than 50¢. Watch the video below to see how.

How to Make the Modification if you already have the 2-Pi Cutter Attachment