Making a Concert Classical Guitar  –  10 DVD Box Set

The classical guitar building video by John Bogdanovich has won awards for its excellence. Learn to build a true concert quality classical guitar from start to finish. Get tons of information on guitar building, tools, materials and techniques. See what really goes into making a fine instrument.

“He describes what he’s focusing on, how he’s dealing with the little variations he discovers as he’s working the wood, and how he’s solving unavoidable problems that arise. Its invaluable to hear and watch someone with John’s skill do the work.”

Tom Harper, American Lutierie Magazine, DVD Review

Classical Guitar Building Video

Classical Guitar Building Video – A Complete Guitar Building Course in 10 DVDs

The classical guitar building video is a complete guitar building course in 10 DVDs given by a master artisan. The award winning 10-DVD box set  Making a Concert Classical Guitar with John S. Bogdanovich” is the first video series ever published on classical guitar making and is guaranteed to make you want to get out into your shop and start building. The video series explains and demonstrates the entire process of building a true concert classical guitar. Watch and learn as the instrument takes shape on screen. Everyone that watches will walk away with so much about so many things.

This video series  will teach you guitar building skills and expand your  knowledge of guitar building in general. It will also raise your level of craftsmanship. Reap the benefits of a highly respected luthier with over  40 years of experience as a craftsman and guitarist.   There are over 14 hours of highly detailed instruction. Everything is displayed in amazing clarity. If you are serious about learning how to make a high quality guitar, this is for you! Be sure to download the free dvd booklet(pdf) which outlines all the content and includes instructions for accessing the drawings on disc 10.


  • Over 14 hours of expert instruction
  • Professionally shot with 2 cameras to capture all the action
  • Video Graphics for measurements and details
  • Proven & unique guitar building techniques
  • Design of highly sought after classical guitar
  • Instruction and techniques applicable to any guitar design
  • Video format – NTSC wide screen (16:9 aspect ratio) for all regions
Cutting Guitar Neck at the bandsaw

Drawings Included on Disc 10 as PDFs:

  • Full sized drawings and acetates for the guitar
  • Top acetate for soundboard layout
  • Back acetate for back brace layout
  • Full sized drawing of the solera with rims
  • Side slot cutting sled drawing
  • Revised purfling cutter router attachment drawing
  • Inside heel cutting sled drawing
  • Shooting board & bench hook drawing
  • Wheat cutting fixtures for assembly
  • 30 degree wheat cutting jig
  • bridge locator jig

Basic Topics Covered in Members Area

There are free videos available in the members area of the site on basic topics not covered in the video. Topics  like sharpening and using your tools properly can be found in the members content. More videos are added all the time. Members receive email updates alerting them of new content. Sign up and become a member!

Special Session

Interview with Stanley Yates

International performer and recording artist Stanley Yates is interviewed in the shop. He assesses the guitar from a players perspective. Stanley highlights the different aspects of a concert instrument that performers look for. This is valuable information for guitar builders.

Video Taped Recording Session

Sit in on a recording session at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, NC. Stanley recorded some music for an online project and we were able to videotape a few pieces from that session. Music played during the recording session were preformed on the guitar built in this DVD series.