Classical Guitars

J.S. Bogdanovich classical guitars are individually handcrafted. The guitars are custom made for every client. Bogdanovich classical guitars are known for impeccable craftsmanship and are highly sought after by guitarists worldwide for their great sound. Each wood combination is subtly  different in timbre but all are very consistent in  that they all have a distinctly Bogdanovich sound. Check for any available classical guitars.

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Wood Selections

Indian Rosewood 

Indian Rosewood Classical Guitar with koa bindings by John Bogdanovich

Indian rosewood is the standard classical guitar configuration. Indian rosewood guitars can be made with either spruce or cedar on top.

Brazilian Rosewood

Brazilian Rosewood Cutaway

The Brazilian rosewood guitars can be ordered with either spruce or cedar on top and incurs an additional cost.

Macassar Ebony 

Macassar Ebony Guitar Detail

The Macassar ebony guitars come with western red cedar tops only. Macassar ebony incurs an additional cost.

European Maple


The European maple guitars come with Engelmann spruce tops only. European maple incurs an additional cost.

Standard feature

● Indian rosewood back and sides

● European or Engelmann spruce, western red cedar

● Rosette with natural burl or spalted center ring

● Ebony fingerboard with 20th fret

● Subtle 7th fret indicator .040″ dia.

● Sloane bronze leaf or stippled tuning machines

● Hiscox hard shell case – very light and very sturdy

Standard Dimensions

● Neck width at nut ­ 53mm

● Neck width at 12th fret ­ 63mm

● Neck depth at 1st fret ­ 22mm

● Neck depth at 9th fret ­ 24mm

● String spacing at nut ­ 43mm total, 8.6mm per string

● String spacing at saddle ­ 60mm

● Standard scale lengths ­ 650, 656, and 640mm

Classical Guitar 7th fret indicator

The details on an instrument can really add to the overall visual appeal. I take particular care in pulling all the details together  to create a cohesive design.

All my rosettes have a natural wood center ring. The rings are selected from a vast supply of burls, spalted, crotch wood , and veneers on hand. This center ring has become a signature of sorts for my instruments.

Care is taken to create beautiful design schemes that do not  demand too much attention. Flashy details will compete with the inherent beauty of the instrument. For me less is more.  The guitar in of itself is quite beautiful with its curves and human quality.

There are examples of various schemes throughout the site and in the galleries.Schemes are changed regularly to keep things fresh. If there is a particular scheme you prefer, chances are it can be applied to your instrument, please inquire.

Macassar Ebony Classical Guitar Rosette

Back & Sides Additional Cost

  • Indian rosewood – none
  • Brazilian rosewood – $2000
  • European maple – $1000
  • Macassar ebony – $1000


  • Cutaway $500

  • Custom scale length $200

  • Alessi tuners current price

  • Custom neck dimensions requires $1500 deposit
  • Custom scale length $ 200 and requires $1500 deposit
Maple classical guitar in case

Some options incur additional cost(see table below). Three scale lengths listed below are available without additional cost. Scale lengths not included  in the list (custom) will incur an additional charge.

Non­-standard neck dimensions are not considered an option and will not incur additional cost ­but may require a larger deposit if they deviate too far from the norm. All deposits are non-refundable

Standard guitar configuration price: $8500USD

If there is something that you would like that is not listed in the table below please call me at 828-­398­8704 and I will try to accommodate you. I do reserve the right to refuse any requests that I feel are not practical or will result in a lesser quality instrument.


Stanley Yates in recording studioListen to recordings made on Bogdanovich guitars. Below is an audio player with excerpts of recordings performers have been so generous to send in.

Included in the playlist you will find a couple of recordings that Stanley Yates did on the guitar made in the Classical Guitar Making DVD. The recording session was video taped at Echo Mountian Studios here in Asheville. Additional selections appear at the end of the DVD.

Also included in the playlist are a few excerpts from Lou Mowad’s recording session also at echo Mountain studios in Asheville. Lou is the guitar chair at Brevard College, in Brevard, NC.


Without a doubt my favorite testimonial came from the best selling author Steve Perry who, upon receiving his guitar, sent me a note which simply read…

“Jack, this makes my old guitar sound like a brick with strings”

I would like to thank all the clients that have sent these heart felt testimonials about their instruments. This is the most rewarding part of guitar building. Much time and effort goes into making one of these instruments so these kind words makes you feel like your efforts have been appreciated. And as far as I am concerned you can’t ask for more than that.

Below are some of the testimonials i have received from clients ­ all are unsolicited. These are the ones I have managed to hold on to despite all the computer crashes and mayhem that occurs here regularly.

…”First, I can say unequivocally that this is the nicest guitar I have played. It has an incredible blend of strength, volume, and a sweet full tone, it is very easy to play, and it also very nice to look at 🙂 I don’t think I could have picked a better guitar and I am completely satisfied with the instrument and looking forward to playing it for many years.!!! ”

Thank you,

Joe Higginbotham

…”There are no words to describe the beauty, tone, and playability of this instrument John. Thank you for producing such a magnificent guitar for me. From the beautiful spruce top, to the gorgeous, straight grained Brazilian rosewood back and sides, it is indeed a work of art. I have had more compliments on this guitar than I could possibly ever count. And playing it is an absolute joy. The best part is…it’s only going to get better!!! ”

Thanks again,

Bruce Haines

…”I just wanted to thank you again for this wonderful guitar. I am so pleased with the control of the sound. The playability is super and practicing these first few days has shown me what an exceptional instrument it is. The sustain and balance are exactly what I hoped for in a concert guitar, while the beauty of the wood itself has been leaving me speechless. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your artistry…This guitar has the most beautiful tone imaginable and such wonderful sustain!”

Thanks again,

Drew Spice

…”What a beautiful voice this guitar has! So refined and responsive, and nicely balanced. It has brought me so much closer to the sound I hear in my head, but always seemed to struggle to achieve. Many thanks”….

Thanks again,

Jeff Carter

…”I’m so happy to own your guitar. It’s a fantastic guitar! What I love is the beauty of the sound. I respect your artistry, and I’m very proud of having your guitar”…


Seungjae Lee

…”Yesterday I purchased one of your 2007 Rosewood and Spruce models at Dream Guitars. It is just wonderful… Your guitar stands well with ones that are much, much more expensive”…

Sincerely and with warmest regards,

Samuel P. Mills

…”Can’t thank you enough for the great guitar! I can’t come up with enough superlatives to describe how amazing it is; the sound, playability, and craftsmanship ­ it’s such a winner”…

Cheers ­

Eric Larkins

…”I recently  bought one of your fantastic guitars…it was made of Macassar bony and cedar and it sounds absolutely marvelous, with a perfect balance of softness, precision, and power, and it is so comfortable to play”….

With best regards and many thanks,

Stephan Ruspoli

…”I received the guitar in this afternoon… it looks and sounds great. Thanks for the amazing guitar. When I play pieces on your guitar they are easier to shape into the way I want them, I couldn’t be happier with its playability and sound quality.”

There is simply no comparison between my old guitar and your instrument….Your guitar is a very powerful and responsive instrument and it will take some time to explore all it’s capable of and it’s definitely an instrument that my playing can grow into”…

Thanks again,

Andrew Ruzicho

…”That guitar kicks ass…What a pleasure it will be to hear it every week!”

karl Wohlwend (Andrew Ruzicho’s teacher)