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Guitar Making Book and DVD by John Bogdanovich

Classical Guitar Building Book & DVD Set

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The perfect guitar building book/dvd set from well known luthier/author John Bogdanovich. Excellent instruction displayed in amazing detail. Pick up new skills, get tool tips and learn to master guitar building techniques. Different guitar building techniques and guitar designs in each.

Guitar Making Book by John Bogdanovich

Classical Guitar Making Book

Classical Guitar Making: A Modern Approach to a Traditional Design by John S. Bogdanovich is considered by many to be the ultimate guitar making reference. An introduction to guitar making, the book demonstrates how to make a classical guitar in the traditional Spanish method using modern tools and techniques. If you looking to learn how to make guitars this book is a great place to start.All copies are signed by the author.



Classical Guitar Making DVD

DVDs Are Back in Stock!

The award winning guitar making 10-DVD series demonstrates the construction of a concert quality classical guitar from start to finish. The entire guitar building process is clearly explained and shown in stunning visual detail. Drawings for the guitar as well as many of the jigs and fixtures used in throughout the video are included as PDFs on disc 10.

Making Wooden Hand Planes DVD

Plane Making DVD

In this dvd John shares his years of plane making experience and demonstrates the construction of a bench plane, and a compass plane. A bench plane is the most commonly used plane in any shop. Its many uses include joinery, smoothing and thicknessing. The compass plane is a curved bottom plane used to scoop out a concave surface. If constructed properly the performance of these planes can rival any plane on the market.