Guitar Building References

Here you will find links to site that offer information on guitar making, guitar repair, guitar making supplies and wood. These sites contain information or products that may help with your guitar building efforts. Some sites offer discussions on guitar related topics. Click here for technical reference information…

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Guitar Making or Guitar Repair Information

13th Fret – A magazine covering everything about the guitar in all styles of music including articles on artists, gear reviews, guitar builders, music and more.
Build Your Guitar – A site loaded with all kinds of guitar making information by author Martin Koch. Martin builds guitars in order to write about building guitars.
Frets – a web site loaded with information on luthier tools, repair, finishing, and just about every aspect of guitar building you can think of, generously compiled by Frank Ford.
Guitar Making Plans – Roy Summerfield’s web site has plans for many well known builders including some historic instruments.
Guitar Repair Bench – A site dedicated to providing instructional articles about guitar repair, maintenance, and guitar building on the web, so you can repair and build your own guitars.
Luthier’s Friend – Turn your drill press into a sanding station and thickness sander with precision.
Musical Instrument Makers Forum – an interactive forum for the discussion of musical instrument construction, design and repair; welcoming builders of all instruments at any skill level from expert to wannabe.
Project Guitar – A site with tutorials, reference, repair and guitar making information for solid body and acoustic guitars.

Guitar Making Schools

American School of Luthierie – Hands-on guitar making instruction in acoustic and electric guitars, classes in design, set-up maintenance, repair and small shop production taught by Charles Fox. My first guitar making class was with Charles, he is a great teacher, and a friend.
Leeds Guitar Makers – Hands-on one-on-one basic and advanced instruction in steel string, classical, repair and restoration by Ivon Shmukler in Wiliamsburg, MA.

Luthier Supply Companies

Allied Lutherie – A great luthier supply company owned and operated by the inimitable Todd Taggart.
Grizzly Industrial – A source for woodworking tools and supplies – metal working tools and equipment – and now guitar making tools and supplies.
Stewart-MacDonald – A great source for luthier supplies – tools and wood.

Woodworking Supplies & Equipment

Lee Valley Tools – Ltd. – A source for woodworking tools – supplies and hardware.
Woodcraft – A great source for woodworking tools – equipment – supplies including some exotic wood.
Woodworker’s Supply – A great source for woodworking tools – equipment – supplies.

Industrial Supply

Graingers – A source for industrial supplies – shop safety – and machinist type tools and equipment including end mill bits.
MSC Industrial Supply Inc – A great source for industrial supplies – shop safety – and machinist type tools and equipment including end mill bits.