Making Wooden Planes – Video

Making wooden planes is not as difficult as you might think. This plane making video shows how to make Krenov style wooden hand planes. At the fine woodworking program at the College of the Redwoods we all started out making a bench plane. We then made different types of hand planes for different purposes as needed. Specialty planes such as curved bottom planes are difficult to find. And if  you can find them they are usually expensive. If you are careful and do a good job you can make a plane that will rival anything you can buy.

In this video we will be making a bench plane and a compass plane. The bench plane is for general purpose planing like joinery, flattening, sizing and prepping for finish. The compass plane is a curved bottom plane that can be used to dish out the workboards used in guitar making. It may also be used for any number of projects where a concave surface is necessary. This project is for beginner, intermediate and advanced level viewers. Both planes can be made in a weekend.

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Making Wooden Hand Planes

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Premium subscribers can download full size plans for both the bench plane and the compass plane. All the plans are PDF files contained in a zip file complete with printing instructions.

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