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Become a paid subscriber and gain access to all the John Bogdanovich’s award-winning videos. The classical guitar making video and the plane making video have been remastered for the web. New instructional videos will be added monthly.

The Basic Subscription package  gives you access to all the videos, all the time, on all your devices. The Premium Subscription package  not only gives you access to all the videos but enables you to download all the drawings applicable to each video as well. Great instructional content with high quality video. You may cancel at any time.

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Watch all the award winning videos by John Bogdanovich. Both the classical guitar making video and the plane making video have been remastered for viewing on the web and look better than ever. New instructional content will be added monthly.

Making a great guitar is about having the knowledge and skill to do it. Instructional content topics will include guitar making, skills development, shop fixtures and jigs, and projects designed to improve your skills for guitar building and give you the confidence you’ll need to make a winning instrument.

Videos are viewable on all devices. Bring your iPad into the shop and watch while you work.


(verified owner)

having no experience in guitar building other that painting and assembling a few electric guitars I considered building a high quality classical guitar out of my capability but after I read John’s book and found his website it gave me enough information and confidence to try, I then subscribed to his video subscription and wow it is like a master craftsman right there with you when you need it.
Thank you John for sharing

(verified owner)

Having built my first classical guitar in 1971, with lots of woodworking experience since that time, and having read John’s book, I was skeptical about the value to me of these videos. However, I was pleasantly surprised with what I still had to learn. Watching John work using techniques he has perfected in many years of guitar-building is simply invaluable. Time devoted to watching these videos is very well spent.

(verified owner)

While I have only recently subscribed to the video subscriptions, I have already learned a lot, and it has enhanced what I learned this summer while building flamenco guitar at the European Institute of Guitar Making run by Stephen Hill. I just ordered one of John’s kits and am excited to get started building with it. John and I had a long phone conversation where he steered me towards the right kit and pointed out some features of the videos. All-in-all I feel that John’s techniques and skills are the perfect fit for someone looking to pursue guitar building.

(verified owner)

I’m new to guitar making, and I feel incredibly lucky to have found John’s instructional material. I started by reading the book, which is so clear and beautifully illustrated that it makes the highly complex project of building a guitar seem, if not easy, quite doable. I think the book alone would be more than adequate as an only reference. However, any book is necessarily limited by the fact that you can’t actually see the process happening before your eyes. That’s what makes the video series so extraordinary. It can give anyone an understanding of guitar making which, in the past, would only have been achievable by studying with a master in person. I watched it all the way through, and I’m going to build the guitar in the book first (because it’s a simpler design) while continuing to reference the video as I go. Many of the steps are the same, and the two resources together are unbeatable.

(verified owner)

Just became a member and have been going through the videos and reading the book. I was first overwhelmed at the amount of work it’ll take but the videos are very detailed and clear giving me the confidence that I can do this! Thanks for making this site.

(verified owner)

I wanted to see what is involved with making a classical from start to finish. This series of videos does exactly that (and more). They are very informative and clearly filmed
Thanks very much.

Dean (England)

(verified owner)

Subscribing to John’s classical guitar-making videos has been of great value to me as I start to make my own stringed instruments. The video series is both well filmed and edited, and is comprehensive to say the least. I found that John’s commentary got me thinking about why certain steps are performed and why particular sequences of steps are advantageous over alternatives. Lots of innovative thinking throughout e.g. shellac throughout the interior, partial-doming of the soundboard as well as solera and jig production. Highly recommended.
Gavin Dixon (Australia)

(verified owner)

I honestly cannot imagine building my guitar without the help the video gives. I did not order the DVD but subscribed to the videos and it’s been well worth it.

(verified owner)

If you want to make a classic guitar with yourself , this great DVD is your teacher.
John shows very details about each steps of assembling the guitar parts using high quality camera work with nice shooting angles. The benefit of learning with DVD is you can see the motion of using tools. After I watched the all of DVD , I ordered the kits and tool sets so that I could just follow his instruction on the DVD.
His book is also highly recommended because it has so many information with lots of nice pictures about tools and machines. You can get the ideas of how to get started for guitar making from them.

(verified owner)

Great video series! I have watched all the way thru, very informative ( I have also studied the book) and the nice thing about the video’s is you can go back to different video’s to refresh your memory. His skill with tools and his commonsense approach is fun to watch. I would reccommend the premium subscription though so that you can down load plans.

Mark Brown

(verified owner)

I will eventually purchase the dvd’s but this is a great way to to get an insight to John’s instructional/ constructional techniques. The presentation is first class, video streaming quality excellent (I live in the UK) If like me this is your first attempt at a classical guitar, with a modern approach, this is an economic and great way to go.

Tony Vallis UK subscriber.

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