Learn to Make a Solera – The Foundation of a Good Guitar

The key to making a classical guitar that will set up properly and play well is in the solera. You simply will not be able to make a good guitar without a good solera. If not constructed properly a solera may be unstable causing it to change shape or deform with time and humidity changes. This will result in an improper set up. Which will require compromises to make the guitar playable.

At set up time there is a desired range for things like the height of the strings above the top, the break angle of the strings as they slant upward from the tie block to the saddle, and the height of the strings at the 12th fret. Learning to construct a solera like this one will put your setup right where it needs to be.

The design of this solera not typical. Itwas the result of building guitars with inconsistent results as far as the set up goes. The set-up back then took a long time, and often involved compromises. This design puts everything where it should be right off the bat. Set up should only take about an hour. Since building the solera this was I have never done it any other way.

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Make an Accurate and Stable Solera for Consistent Results

checking lower bout radiusMy guitars are designed to set up correctly with a minimum of adjustment at the end. All the important factors like string height at the 12th fret, break angle at the saddle, and how much saddle is sticking out of the bridge end up right smack in the middle of the desired range – guitar after guitar. This is no accident. The guitar was designed with all these things in mind.

Cost of class includes all materials for building a solera. Students will leave with their solera.

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2019 Class Schedule

J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars has been undergoing a restructuring to make improvements for visitors, members, customers, and subscribers.  Since we are already half way through the year there will be one round of solera building classes in 2019.

Solera Making Class Dates for Spring 2019

Solera Making Class Dates for Fall 2019

Dates: NoneDate: Sept. 27 -28
Duration:2 daysDuration: 2 days
Cost: $750 includes materialsCost: $750 includes materials
Deposit: Deposit: $100Deposit: $100
2 students maximum2 students maximum
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