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Classical Guitar Making Master Kit (Introductory Level)

The Classical Guitar Making Master Kit will save you months of prep work and improve your results. This guitar building kit contains all the key components as well as some of the tools you would otherwise have to make. The molds templates and some of the tools have been made on a CNC machine for ultimate accuracy. Get started building your guitar right away working right along with the book.

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The master kit ships in three boxes weighing over 50 lbs.


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The introductory level classical guitar making master kit provides all the key components to build your guitar as described in my book. The kits includes the molds, templates, tools and a solera kit. The templates, molds, solera kit and some of the tools have been created on a CNC machine for ultimate accuracy. These items will save you months of prep time and allow you to get started guitar building right away. Everything has  been designed to work together to improve your results.

The guitar design in the book “Classical Guitar Making: A Modern Approach to a Traditional Design” is geared toward beginners. The techniques demonstrated focus on the use of hand tools. A minimum of power tools and equipment are necessary to build the guitar.

The kit also contains the plane making dvd and a compass plane kit. The compass plane is used to make the dished workboards necessary for the top and back.  This is a great starting project and will only take a weekend to complete.

This classical guitar making kit provides just about everything you need to get started working right along with the book.

Kit available in 650mm scale length only.

Included in the kit:

  • Classical Guitar Making Book (Optional)
  • Complete set of full size plans and acetates for the guitar in the book
  • Classical guitar template set (4 templates)
  • Classical guitar mold set (side, lining molds and caul kit)
  • Complete classical guitar solera kit with rims, patches and hardware
  • Plane making dvd
  • Compass plane kit
  • Rosette cutting router attachment with all three end mill bits
  • Classical guitar tuner drilling jig
  • 15′ and 25′ radius sticks and sanding pads
  • Buzz-Off® Fret leveling Kit
  • Glue Roller and squeeze bottle
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