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Guitar Headpiece Veneer

Guitar headpiece veneer is used for their decorative effect on the sides of the headpiece.  There are typically a few layers laminated on the headpiece with the top piece being a thicker piece of the same wood as the back and sides. These headpiece veneers can be used on classical or steel string guitars. Veneers are available in a variety of colors that will work with either spruce or cedar top guitars.



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Guitar headpiece veneer is used as a decorative effect on the guitar headpiece visible from the sides of the headpiece.  Typically laminated in a few layers on the headpiece of the guitar, these veneers can reflect the .the binding/purfling scheme of the guitar for a cohesive design. The top of the stack is usually a thicker piece which is the same wood as the back and sides. This is not mandatory of course. These veneers can be used on classical or steel string guitars.

Guitar Headpiece veneer – Available in a variety of colors:

  • Alaskan yellow cedar – yellow
  • ebonized pear wood – black
  • pear wood – pinkish brown
  • mahogany  reddish brown

Ebonized Pear – The Best Choice for Black Veneer

I have used the dyed poplar sold at luthier supply companies and I can say first hand that ebonized pear for black is far superior. Since this is pearwood it planes in any direction without tearing out. This will leave a perfect surface without divots or tears which collect dust (not the case with dyed poplar). That dust may show up in your finish as white specks. Ebonized pear will also give you the deepest color black possible – and it does not fade.

Natural Wood Veneer for Better Color Over Time

With the exception of ebonized pear, the color of dyed veneer will fade over time. Natural wood gets more beautiful with time. Yes, some may change color slightly but they will maintain a vibrant look which dyed veneer will not.

Save the Length of Your Full Sheet Veneers

These guitar headpiece veneers will enable you to get more out of  your full sheets of veneer by leaving  more for full length (32″) parts such as purflings, rosette motifs, and others. Use your veneer more efficiently with less waste.

All guitar headpiece veneers are 8″ x 3-1/2″. We also offer a book-matched headpiece top and bottom plates for guitars.

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These veneers are as nice as they look on the website, The rosewood is pleasing to the eye with nice grain pattern.

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Yup! work like a charm!

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Weight.15 lbs
Dimensions8 × 3.5 × .1 in
Wood Type

Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Ebonized Pear Wood (Black), Indian Rosewood (Book-matched), Mahogany, Pear Wood