Work Efficiency – Class for Better Guitar Building

Do you want your guitar building to go more smoothly and efficiently? Are you thinking about making guitar building a career? The work efficiency class for better guitar building will definitely help . Improve the way you work and the quality of your guitars. Optimize your chances of success.

I have helped many budding luthiers get started by sharing knowledge and teaching skills. Develop the habits necessary for successful building and get  advice on making guitar building a career.

Working fast is not about moving fast. Its about good work habits and working efficiently.

2018 Classes Posted – No Work Efficiency Class in 2018

J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars has been undergoing a restructuring to make improvements for visitors, members, customers, and subscribers.  Since we are already half way through the year there will be any work efficiency classe in 2018. Check back soon for 2019 dates.

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What You Will Learn

 Develop Good work Habits & Practices
guitar building pro lecture class

Working efficiently will increase your output and make your work go more smoothly, hence reducing unnecessary churn and reduce your mistakes. And in the end it will make your work more enjoyable.


Whether you are looking to make guitar building a career or you just want to learn how to work better to get better results this class that will help increase your productivity, help you set up shop for efficient work, and help you develop work habits that will save you time and money. For those looking to making the leap into lutherie whether it be full time or a side line you will get valuable information regarding setting up and running a guitar making business.

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Details Class Schedule for Spring 2019

Details Class Schedule for Fall 2019

Date: NoneDate: Oct. 12
Duration: 1 daysDuration: 1 days
Cost: $300Cost: $300
Deposit: $50Deposit: $50
3 students maximum3 students maximum
Class is FullOne Seat Open