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Premium Classical Guitar Making Kit (Introductory Level)

The Introductory Level Classical Guitar Making Premium Kit will save you prep work and help you get started on your guitar quickly. The kit includes key items necessary to build your guitar using my methods. The key components have been made on a CNC machine for ultimate accuracy which will improve your results. Get the confidence you’ll need and maximize your chances and of producing a quality guitar.

If you are new to guitar building this kit is an excellent starting place.

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The premium  classical guitar making kit provides the key ingredients to build a guitar using the methods demonstrated in my book. The guitar design as well as the  building techniques in the book are geared toward first time guitar builders. This kit contains most of the necessary components to make a high quality guitar using my book as your guide.

Molds and Templates Made with CNC Accuracy

The key components of the premium classical guitar making kit are created on a CNC machine for ultimate accuracy. The accuracy of these key components will improve your results. Making things like templates and molds, by hand is difficult. Regardless of skill level you will not produce the best results possible building these yourself.  Everything in the kit works together which makes alignment and assembly easier throughout the process.

The solera kit is not included in the premium kit. However, it is possible to create the solera accurately yourself .  Making a stable and reliable solera will require a re-saw bandsaw capable of re-sawing stock at least 5 inches in width. If you do not have this ability you may want to consider the introductory level classical guitar making master kit which includes a solera kit with all the major parts already cut.

Tools Included

The premium classical guitar making kit includes some of the tools developed by John for guitar making. Tools include the 2 Pi Rosette Cutting Router Attachment for cutting the sound hole, rosette channels and rosette patch. Use the adjustable classical guitar tuner drilling to drill the holes for your tuning machine rollers. This jig makes drilling your holes easy and accurate – and you don’t have to remove the template to do it. The kit also includes a set of radius sticks, radiused sanding pads, the Buzz-Off® fret leveling kit, and a glue squeeze bottle and roller.

Use the guitar making products in this kit to work along with both the book or DVD. I also use all these products in my shop every day.

Start with a solid foundation built to give you the confidence you need to accurately create a quality guitar. Save lots of prep work. Start working on your guitar faster with this kit.

Kit available in 650mm scale length only.

Included in the kit:

  • Classical Guitar Making Book (Optional)
  • Complete set of full size plans and acetates for the guitar in the book
  • Classical guitar template set (4 templates)
  • Classical guitar mold set (side, lining molds and caul kit)
  • Rosette cutting router attachment with all three end mill bits
  • Classical guitar tuner drilling jig
  • 15′ and 25′ radius sticks and sanding pads
  • Buzz-Off® Fret leveling Kit
  • Glue Roller and squeeze bottle
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    If you don’t already have the molds and other special tools needed for guitar making, there’s really a lot of work to do before you can get started. However, this kit is an excellent way to get started sooner while maximizing ultimate quality. It’s exactly as advertised, and I highly recommend it.

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