Fix Fret Buzz – Buzz-Off®  Fret Leveling Kit – $19.99!

Got fret buzz? Everyone would agree that guitar fret buzz is annoying. Fret buzz can have many causes but the most common is a high fret. A fret need only be a couple of thousandths of an inch high to cause a buzz in an otherwise properly set up instrument. Want to learn about what causes fret buzz?

The Buzz-Off® Fret Leveling Kit can help you eliminate fret buzz due to high frets. The kit is easy to use and everything you need is included! You don’t have to be a guitar maker or a repair tech to get the job done, anyone can do it. Level, crown and dress fret without files and without scratches.

The kit will work for Classical, Acoustic, Electric Guitars . There is also a kit available for Ukuleles and Mandolins too!

 Buzz-Off® Fret Leveling Kit – Guitar World Magazine Review

Fix Fret Buzz with the Strings On!

John demonstrates in the video below how to eliminate fret buzz with the strings still on the guitar. The Buzz-Off® Fret Leveling Kit can help you optimize the set up on your guitar and eliminate annoying fret buzz. Its easy to do and everything you need is included in the kit. The kit will work on classical, steel string, and electric guitars.

Customer Testimonials

I’d like to thank all the customers that have sent emails regarding the fret leveling kit. With their permission their testimonials are listed below.

“…Just want to thank you for making such a great product. I am a total novice. 19 frets were uneven on my fender strat. I made sure the neck was straight before I began (another new thing for me). It took me a good few hours but in the end my strat has never been set up this well. The only buzzing now is me with delight.”

Michael Magennis, Ontario, Canada

…finally used the ‘Guitar” kit today, worked great. Of course, the fret I thought was buzzing wasn’t, (my playing), but another fret definitely rocked, followed instructions, went slowly, not to mess up so had to sand a couple of times after re-checking and it was leveled.

Chuck Nacsin, Redlands, CA

“…just wanted to let you know that I purchased your fret leveling kit and I must say it is very nice. I’m a small-time luthier and this kit will make fret-leveling a whole lot easier and more efficient. Thanks for the excellent tool and for being inexpensive!!”

Kevin Jones Kingsport, TN

Thank you for your awesome kit. I received it yesterday, and removed most of my annoying fret buzz, many thanks.”

Hung Nguyen Ontario, Canada

“…I ordered your Buzz Off feet leveling kit a few months ago and it has become a staple in my guitar setup kit.  I am able to get extremely low action with no buzz for my shred customers!  I love the kit!

Thanks for such an effective, indispensable tool! It has helped me take setups to the next level.”

Greg Page, Ruby-Ryder Guitars, Mesa, AZ

“Just wanted to say many thanks for the fret leveling kit. It’s amazing how small tolerances and discrepancies in fret height show up easily with the system of yours.  I leveled the frets on a guitar I never really cared for but now I love it!”

Brian Scott, FL

“…the fret buzz kit arrived today – I’m super happy with it. Thank you very much and I hope your invention makes you a rich man.”

Matt McGinn Murcia, Spain

“…I got the fret repair kit yesterday. Everything worked just like you said in your videos. Well worth the money. My guitar plays great and rings out true! Nice to hear all the fretted notes and chords ring like they are supposed to. Thank you for putting out a good product.”

Dan Laudman, Bellmore, NY

“Thank you for a great extremely useful tool”
Guitar player in the house extremely happy with results.

John McGlynn, Bayside, NY

“I do A LOT of re-fretting and your buzz off kit is a much used addition to my fretting tool line up.”

Ken Potts, Lahaina, HI

“…I hope you make a million bucks selling those kits! They’re great.  With a little time and effort I’ve done all 5 of my guitars and they all play like instruments that cost a lot more.”

Chris Williams, Raleigh, NC

“Thanks to your simple but efficient and amazing buzz off fret leveling kit, i’m now able to play my strat with the best action ever!!!!!! in the next days i’ll compete setup with truss rod and bridge adjustments…but for now,with fat neck setup, i done a great job thanks to you!!!!”

Gianluca Politanò, Calabria, Italy

“…I just want to say thank you so much for creating your fret leveling kit.  I’ve used your kit about a 100 + times in the last year for fixing frets, and as a primary tool for re-frets.  My frets are now level, buzzing is eliminated, and this is so important when most of my customers want lower action than usual. “

Jonathan Marshall, Grand Rapids, MI

Level, Crown & Dress Frets for Ultimate Set-Up

optimize your guitar's set upThe BUZZ-OFF® Fret Leveling Kit was originally developed by luthier John Bogdanovich to level and set up his guitars. The dowels are used to find the high frets, and the sanding block is used to crown and dress the frets. Resulting with frets that are all in the same plane for optimal set up.

The kit will detect frets that are as little as .002″ high. This will enable you to optimize your set up and get the action you desire.

And you do not have to remove the strings to use the kit. Just loosen the strings, tape them out of the way and you are good to go!

The kit was originally used on new necks that were flat but will work on  a neck with the proper amount of relief as well. Since the dowels measure for flatness across just three frets the relief can be considered negligible over such a short distance.

If your neck is twisted or warped in any way this kit will not be the answer to your problems, as a more involved repair is in order. But if the problem is one or more of your frets are higher than they should be, this kit will find, level, and dress any high frets in no time, a simple fret buzz fix.

Guitar Kit Works For:

electric guitars with up to 24 frets

Acoustic guitars of any scale length

Classical guitars of any scale length

Ukulele Kit Works For:

Concert Ukuleles

Kit Contents

The fret leveling kit for guitars contains:

  • a 3″ steel dowel for frets 1-12
  • a 2″ steel dowel for frets 12-20
  • a 1-1/2″ steel dowel for frets 21-24
  • a hardwood sanding block shaped to crown the frest
  • 1 pc of 220 grit sandpaper
  • 1 pc of 440 grit sandpaper
  • 1 pc of #0000 steel wool

There is enough sandpaper and steel wool for one guitar. For additional use just replace the sandpaper and steel wool.

There is also a fret leveling kit available for concert ukuleles. This kit contains:

  • a 1-1/4″ steel dowel
  • a 3/4″ steel dowel
  • a hardwood sanding block shaped to crown frets
  • 1 pc of 220 grit sandpaper
  • 1 pc of 400 grit sandaper
  • 1 pc of #0000 steel wool

Sanding Block can be Easily Modified to Fit Almost Any Fret Wire

Right out of the package the sanding block will fit most fret wire. But you can modify the hardwood sanding block if you have an unusual size wire so that it will fits exactly. Everything you need to do this is right in the kit. Watch the video and see how easy it is.