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Classical Guitar Plans for Book by John Bogdanovich

Classical Guitar Plans & Acetates for Book

This full size set of classical guitar plans and acetates are necessary to construct the guitar in the book by John S. Bogdanovich, “Classical Guitar Making: A Modern Approach to a Traditional Design”. The set of guitar blueprints comes with acetates for laying out the guitar’s soundboard and back as demonstrated in book and DVD. These plans are available in 650 and 640mm scale length.

Guitar Plans

Classical Guitar Plans & Acetates for DVD

This full size set of classical guitar plans and acetates are for the guitar constructed in the DVD. These plans are included on the DVD as PDFs. This guitar design is the current Bogdanovich guitar. This design is also based on the ’37 Hauser plantilla therefore all the templates will also work for this guitar. For those who have not purchased the DVD but would like to try their hand at a more challenging design, these plans are now available. The plans are printed in gray scale and only available in 650mm scale length.

Binding Cutter in action

Purfling/Binding Cutter Attachment Plans

These complete and detailed plans are for constructing a purfling/binding cutter router used to create binding and purfling channels on acoustic guitars. The original plans for this device appeared in the book and were later redrawn and improved for the guitar making 10-DVD box set.

Binding cutter can be used to cut channels on classical and steel string guitars.

Classical Guitar Heel Cutting Jig

Classical Guitar Heel Cutting Jig Plans

This set of plans includes drawings for a classical guitar heel cutting jig used to cut the slots in the heel for the sides.  Jig can be used to cut slots for any scale length guitar without adjustment and is for use on a table saw. Also included is a heel cutting sled for cutting the cheeks on the inside portion of the heel on a band saw.  These sleds were used in the DVD.