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2-Pi Guitar Rosette Router Attachment

2-Pi Guitar Rosette Router Attachment


The circle cutting router attachment is used to inlay guitar rosettes and create circular patches. This attachment can be used with any laminate trimming router (Rigid R2400 Laminate trimming router is recommended). This luthier tool is made of high quality clear acrylic and is fully adjustable to accommodate just about any size rosette, sound hole and rosette patch.

Product Description

The 2-Pi Guitar Rosette Router Attachment can be used to inlay guitar rosettes. The attachment will fit any laminate trimming router. The attachment is fully adjustable to accommodate almost any size rosette or sound hole. The router attachment will install rosettes on classical and acoustic guitars as well as ukuleles.

To mount it to your router remove the plate screwed on to the base of the router. Use it as a template to drill the holes in the right spots on the attachment. Counter sink the holes and screw it to the base of the router. For attaching to routers with closed bases (bases without an open end to the bit) nylon spacers are provided for clearance allowing full adjustment. A full illustrated set of instructions are included.

Currently the recommended laminate trimming router for use with the attachment is the Rigid R2400. This router is open base which is ideal for this attachment and it is variable speed which will extend the life of your bits.

2-Pi Circle Cutting Router Attachment

2 piece acrylic attachment for mounting on any laminate trimming router
1 – 1/4″ dia. steel dowel pin
4 – Plastic spacers for use with closed based routers (See Video)
1 – Screw
1 – Wing nut
1 – Washer


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Additional Information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 4 x .5 in