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Articles and Publications

Below is an incomplete list of books, dvds, magazine articles and presentations that have either been written by, written about, or mention John S. Bogdanovich and his work as a guitar maker.

The list of articles consists of articles written about John and his work. A number of these articles are reviews of his book and dvds. The most of the publications the applicable organization that published the article. test

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With Wakened Hands by James Krenov


Krenov, James, “With Wakened Hands “ . Bethel, CT, Fresno, CA. Cambium Press & Linden Publishing, 2000.

This book by James Krenov is about the work done by his students. Having started his guitarbuilding career at the school John’s guitar building work is displayed in this book as well assome kind comments by Mr. Krenov.

Steve Perry, Larry Segriff, “Tom Clancy’s Net Force: Changing of the Guard”, New York, NY, Berkley Books, 2003.

John Bogdanovich appears as himself in this novel by Steve Perry. Steve included John in the book as a thank you for the guitar John built for him.

Bogdanovich, John S., “Classical Guitar Making: A Modern Approach to a Traditional Design”, New York, NY, Sterling Publishing, 2006.


Books and DVDs by John Bogdanovich

Books and DVDs by John Bogdanovich

Harper, Tom. “Bog’s Way ­ An In­Depth Hands­-On Review of John Bogdanovich’s Making a Concert Classical Guitar DVD Set”. American Lutherie Issue 113, Spring 2013: 20­37. Print.

Small, Mark. “J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars ­ Classical luthier writes book on how to build a guitar”. Acoustic Guitar Magazine May 2012: 66­6.7 Print.

Calkin, John. ” Making a Concert Classical Guitar DVD Set ­ Review”. American Lutherie Issue 108, Winter 2011: 62­63. Print.

Aker, A.B. ” DVD Review ­ Making a Concert Classical Guitar”. GuitarMaker Issue 74, Winter 2010: 16. Print.

Mello, John. “Classical Guitar Making, A Modern Approach to a Traditional Design” Book review, American Lutherie Issue #95, Fall 2008: 64. Print”

Hill, Kenny. “Book Review ­ Classical Guitar Making: A Modern Approach to a Traditional Design” GuitarMaker Issue 61 ­ Fall 2007: 16­17. Print.

This is an incomplete list of articles about John and his work as a guitar maker.


Bogdanovich, John. “Making a Concert Classical Guitar ” 10-­DVD set, Swannanoa, NC, J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars, 2010.

Bogdanovich, John S., “Making Hand Planes”, Swannanoa, NC, J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars, 2011.

The videos are instructional videos that have been written, produced and edited by John.


Bogdanovich, John S.,”Successful Guitar Building: Approach and Techniques”, East Stroudsburg, PA, American Stringed Instrument Association (ASIA) Symposium 2011, June 18­ 21.

Bogdanovich, John S.,”Classical Guitar Design Considerations and the Skills Necessary for Execution”, East Stroudsburg, PA, American Stringed Instrument Association (ASIA) Symposium 2013, June 12­15.

These presentations on guitar building were given at the ASIA symposium in East Stroudsburg, PA.