More Guitar Making Video Coming – Shop Redux Complete

After Shop Redux - ready to shoot video

At Last, Floor Space. Its Safe Again.

More guitar making video is on the way. Finally, the shop overhaul is complete. Lots of changes were made to make shooting video easier, create some room, and separate the different aspects of the shop. I also added some new equipment that was desperately needed.  I will talk about the equipment in the next post.

The whole thing took a while. There was so much to do. Wood that was not being used for guitar making were either given away, put in the burn piles or moved to another place. That was tough because I don’t like getting rid of any wood regardless of it size. I will hang on to small pieces of wood with some project in mind that never materializes. I’m sure you know what I mean. So I am sorry for the delay in getting out new video. This took longer than anticipated but we are ready to start shooting again.

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Improving Shop Efficiency – A Total Overhaul

Improve Shop Efficiency - First day of Overhaul

Shop Overhaul Day 1

Improving shop efficiency can turn frustration into enjoyable production with better results. I am in the midst of a total shop overhaul to improve the shop, organize it better, and create more floor space. If you are like me you are constantly striving to make your process more efficient and produce better results by trying to find better ways to do things. Typically as the process changes the shop doesn’t. Eventually things get so annoying that its time for a major shop overhaul. That is exactly where I found myself after the last one-on-one class.

For me there is nothing more annoying than to have to move things constantly while you are working. If you need to move things off the table saw in order to use it, it might be time for a shop overhaul or at the very least a reshuffle. When your work is moving along smoothly you feel better about it, you get better results and you work more efficiently, hence faster. Here are some of the things I considered before ripping apart the shop. Read more