Cross-cutting on the Table Saw

cross cut sled for table sawCross-cutting on the table saw can be one of the most dangerous types of cuts you will be making while building your guitar. Most table saws come with a miter gauge for this purpose but they are inaccurate and unsafe. A better solution is a cross-cut box.

Cross-cut boxes are way safer than a miter gauge because of the long fence supporting the stock on both sides of the blade that keeps the piece in place as you cut. This greatly reduces the possibility of kick-back, and trust me, kick-back on a 3HP saw will scare the hell out of you at the very least and can result in injury.
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Guitar Building Advice – Don’t Cut to Size Until Necessary

Here’s some guitar building advice. Whether you are making a guitar or a cabinet to hang on your wall, always avoid cutting anything to final size until absolutely necessary. Think this is obvious and trivial? Its not. you would be surprised how many people back themselves into a corner by not doing this. Never, ever cut something to final size, or length, or height, until it is safe to do so. Its a basic CYA philosophy shared by most woodworkers and craftspeople. Think ahead. If you cut all your parts to size, then start assembling them chances are some parts are not going to fit perfectly. As you put things together, the last parts to go on will likely be either too short or too small and trimming or shaping will be in order.
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