Guitar Building Skills Take Practice

John Bogdanovich teaching a student valuable guitar building skillsGuitar building is difficult. Sadly, there’s no short cut to building a really nice instrument. You will need to develop some guitar building skills and that will take practice. For those needing instant gratification there are places you can go to where you can learn to slap a guitar together in a short period of time. But if you are looking to really learn a craft and gain some usable skills that you will be able to repeat on your own you’re probably not going to get it there.

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Instructional Video Subscription Service

Instructional Video Online

John at the computerAn instructional video subscription service is coming to the web site soon. Subscribers will be able to watch all instructional video for a monthly fee and can cancel at any time. Premium subscribers will also be able to  download the all drawings. This makes things very affordable for customers and allows me some level of protection over my video content.

It has taken longer to get this going than I anticipated since I had to re-master both the guitar making and the plane making video for the web. The video will look better than ever on the web.
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