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Plane Making DVD

In this dvd John shares his years of plane making experience and demonstrates the construction of a bench plane, and a compass plane. A bench plane is the most commonly used plane in any shop. Its many uses include joinery, smoothing and thicknessing. The compass plane is a curved bottom plane used to scoop out a concave surface. If constructed properly the performance of these planes can rival any plane on the market.


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J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars has produced another top quality instructional video. Shot with the same crew as the guitar making dvd series viewers can expect the same excellent production quality, and professional instructional content.

Having learned the art of plane making at the College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking Program with James Krenov, John has been making hand planes for both furniture making and guitar making for many years. Now you can learn to make hand planes as John shares his years of experience in this instructional video.

In this plane making dvd John demonstrates in amazing detail the construction of a bench plane, and a compass plane. A bench plane is the most commonly used plane in any woodworking shop. This type of plane has many uses including joinery, smoothing, thicknessing and surface preparation. The compass plane is a curved bottom plane used to scoop out a concave surface. The plane bottom is curved across it width, and along its length. The blade is also curved. In guitar making it is used to scoop out the solera and back work board used to make a guitar. This plane has many other uses. It can be used to scoop out a chair seat or sitting bench, or to create a large tray or bowl, or just about any woodworking project that requires a concave surface. If you shape the plane bottom across its width only you will have a coopering plane used to make barrel staves or coopered cabinet doors.

Complete full size drawings for both planes are include on the disc. The techniques demonstrated in this video can be used to create any size or shape plane. The design is easily adaptable to create a custom plane to suit almost any purpose.

Discover how rewarding it can be to work with hand planes you have made yourself. This is a woodworking project for all skill levels and can be completed in a weekend.

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Learn to Make Two Types of Planes
In this video you will learn to make a general purpose bench plane and a curved bottom plane known as a compass plane. A bench plane can be used for thicknessing, joinery and surface preparation. The compass plane is used to create the dished workoards used to make guitars. These planes can be used to create any type of guitar as well as ukuleles.

Video Features:

  • Professionally shot with 2 cameras to capture all the action
  • Video Graphics for measurements and details
  • Make planes for guitar building
  • Instruction and techniques applicable to make any type of plane
  • Video format – NTSC wide screen (16:9 aspect ratio) for all regions

Plans Included:

Complete full size plans are available on the disc for both the bench and compass plane in PDF format.

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Excellent video! It is on par with the other two on making Krenov-style planes I have watched — Scott Meek’s (2,5 hours) and David Finnck’s Making and Mastering Wood Planes (companion to his book) (almost 5 hours). It is fascinating to watch these three masters. Although the process is the same, they all do things differently, have little tricks and their own personal flourish. This one is the shortest and yet it has everything that is needed. In that sense, it is the most economical of the three and probably works best as the reference video when you only want to look up a particular point or refresh your memory. I am registered in the Krenov School summer course in June and we will make two of these in the first week. Cannot wait to get to the source. Nerd as I am, I am making my own ahead of time. Oh, and the special bonus for this video, of course, is the beautiful guitar music. Highly recommended!

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I have a couple of books on wood planes but none are specific about a compass plane, where the radius is both side to side and also front to back. John’s DVD gave me all the tips, tricks, and methods to create a very nice well functioning plane. I actually learn better from seeing than I do from reading (mildly dyslexic). I decided to build two at the same time and one is going to a family friend for making scalloped seats for benches and stools.. just waiting on another blade & breaker from Ron Hock I’ve used Ron’s excellent blades for several years.

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