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Complete Classical Guitar Wood Kit

The complete classical guitar wood kit includes all the wood necessary to construct either the guitar in the book or the DVD box set using my methods. J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars has partnered with Allied Lutherie to provide some of the high quality wood for the kits. Complete kit includes top, back, sides. neck, all laminations, wood for details, bracing, bridge blank, nut saddle and fret wire.


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The complete classical guitar wood kit includes all the wood necessary to construct either the guitar in the book or the DVD box set using my methods. The kits includes everything from the back, sides and top to the side and lining laminations, the fret wire, saddle, nut and tie block inlays.

When buying guitar wood doesn’t make more sense to get it from someone that actually makes guitars? I only buy  wood from reputable, knowledgable people that I can trust to pick out exactly what I want. Nothing is more irritating than receiving a shipment of wood that you find unsatisfactory. That is why J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars has partnered with Allied Lutherie to supply the complete kits.

Allied is a top notch wood supplier for luthiers and I have been purchasing wood from Todd at Allied for many years. Part of the kit will ship directly from Allied in California. The J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars portion of the classical guitar wood kit is what is included in the classical guitar wood details kit. The spruce top kit will contain Alaskan yellow cedar side laminations and the cedar will contain pear wood side laminations.

Limited servicing of your kit is possible. You can opt to have your fingerboard slotted and sides pre-thicknessed to .070″. Be sure to specify in the comment section is your would like the compensated slotting or the standard.

The portion of the wood kit from Allied Lutherie:

Indian rosewood back and sides
Englemann spruce or western red cedar top, fine grade
Mahogany neck and heel blank
Ebony fingerboard (compensated spacing if serviced)
Indian rosewood bridge blank
Spruce brace wood billet
Mahogany for back braces
Classical fret wire
Saddle, nut and tie block bone

The portion of the wood kit from from J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars Classical:

Side laminations – Alaskan yellow cedar for spruce and pear wood for cedar
Mahogany lining laminations
Ebonized pear wood veneer – 32″ x 8″ x .018″
Alaskan yellow cedar veneer – 32″ x 8″ x .022″
Mahogany veneer 32″ x 8″ x .018″
Jotaba for bindings 32″ 1″ x .200
Jotoba for back and butt strip 32″ x .200″ x .090″
Cross-grain back center strip 18″ x .875″ x .100″
Mahogany foot block 4″ x 3″ x .4″
Headpiece veneer 2 pcs 8″ x 3.5″
Indian rosewood headpiece veneer 8″ x 3.5″ x .125″
Complete Rosette Kit

Ebonized Pearwood Veneer

(verified owner)

Being able to purchase all the wood I need in one place is great. One of the main reasons I chose this kit. Having already built my 1st guitar with the kit, I have complete confidence in building my second. This time cedar.

(verified owner)

Last year, I purchased the spruce top kit from JSB; this was my first build. For me, purchasing the wood/materials in “kitted” form was key. The kit price is very reasonable (for a single build); I know/I looked. More importantly, all the materials in the kit are of high quality selected by those in the business. I had no difficulties during the build with any of the operations (milling, planing, bending, assembly, etc…) due to the wood. I’ve since had a few players/builders comment how nice the materials were in appearance and sound/tone. The rosette burl was nicely figured and added to the aesthetic element. Overall, this kit was a great way to go – quality product.
I recently purchased/received a cedar top kit from JSB. The materials received are of the same quality.
Dan M.

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Weight20 lbs
Dimensions36 × 12 × 4 in
Side Laminations

Alaskan yellow cedar for spruce, Pearwood for cedar

Rosette Motif

Black and Yellow, Brown and Yellow


No Service, Sides thicknessed to .070", Slotted Fingerboard, Thickness sides & slot fingerboard