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Mahogany Lining Laminations for Guitars

In order to create linings as described in the book four mahogany laminations are required. These laminations are approximately .042″ thick. This thickness is not available from wood suppliers therefore these pieces must be milled from larger stock. Now a complete set is available for building your guitar.


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The guitar lining laminations set is comprised of four bundles of four mahogany laminations which measure 32″ x 5/8″x @.042″ each. The set is enough for one guitar. The mahogany used is of the finest quality available. These thicknesses are not available from wood suppliers. To achieve this thickness the pieces must be milled from larger stock, or made from many laminations of commercial veneer. Milling from larger stock is very wasteful and using commercial veneer yields linings which are stiffer than ideal and brittle. These lining laminations have been thicknessed for optimal results when used with the classical guitar lining mold also available on the site.

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I was pleased by the quality of these veneers. Very even color and straight grain.

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I have just built my first (steel-string acoustic) guitar with these Mahogany Lining Laminations, replacing the kerfing I used to use. The quality of the laminations is superb. I have for a long time used John’s Guitar Side Laminations and the combination of the two makes for a much more rigid, not to mention more attractive, side – in other words, a better guitar. As a luthier I consider myself lucky to have discovered John’s site.

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Terry ( Australia) – May 26,2017
The linings are great. They were delivered in perfect condition.

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These linings are great. Easy to laminate an bend.

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