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Slotted Indian Ebony Classical Guitar Fingerboards

The Indian ebony guitar fingerboards are the best quality and color fingerboards I have seen a quite a while. The fingerboard can be slotted with your preference of either compensated fret spacing, or the standard rule of 18 fret spacing. Compensated fret spacing give you better intonation up and down the fret board and is the spacing used for on all my guitars and is what was used  in the classical guitar making book and DVD box set. These fine quality fingerboards available in 650mm scale length only.


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These classical guitar fingerboard are slotted either with the compensated fret spacing used in the book and dvd, of the standard rule of 18 fret spacing. The compensated spacing provides a slightly better intonation up and down the guitar fingerboard. The boards are slotted to fit standard classical guitar fret wire. The boards come with a zero fret for easy trimming. 640mm scale length fingerboards are currently only available with compensated fret spacing.

(verified owner)

high quality, well worth the price

(verified owner)

Best value for money. Other sites offer fingerboards at twice the price without slotting included. Well packaged and secure delivery

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I’ve used these pre-slotted fingerboards (compensated slotting) on every guitar I’ve built and will continue to do so. Besides the time savings, they’re consistently slotted from board to board, wide enough to allow flexibility in neck widths, and made from very high quality ebony blanks. For such a critical component with regards to final intonation, they are well worth the price beyond just the convenience.

(verified owner)

Nice looking fingerboards. Just a hint of brown (which I think looks fine). Nicely quartered Pre slotted perfectly. Nicely packed and fast shipping. Thank you John.

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Fret Spacing

Compensated, Standard