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Classical Guitar Template Set

The classical guitar template set consists of the plantilla, headpiece, fingerboard, and bridge patch templates. These templates are made of high quality clear acrylic allowing you to see the grain orientation when trying to get the desired graphics in the wood. Made with CNC accuracy for maximum precision and symmetry these templates are time savers allowing you to make a guitar with confidence.


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The classical guitar template set is made made up of four clear acrylic templates designed to work together. All the templates can be used for making the guitar in both the book and the DVD. The set consists of the plantilla (guitar template for outline of top), headpiece, fingerboard, and bridge patch templates. These templates are real time savers making alignment a breeze helping  you to make your guitar with confidence.

The templates are made of high quality clear acrylic which allows you to see the grain orientation when trying to get the desired graphics in the wood. The templates have been made on a CNC machine for maximum precision and symmetry.  Registration holes and center lines assure proper registration during the guitar building process.

All the classical guitar templates match the plans in both the book and DVD.

The fingerboard and headpiece templates are made of 1/4″ acrylic and may be used as router templates for cutting these parts to shape.

The fingerboard template is for a fingerboard with 20 frets. Template sets are available in both 650mm and 640mm scale lengths and

  • Clear acrylic for seeing the graphics in the wood
  • Center lines for easy alignment
  • Registration holes for alignment and ease of assembly
  • Fingerboard and headpiece template 1/4″ thick for use as router tempalte
  • All designed to work with the plans from both the book and DVD
  • Complete instructions
  • .090″ thick clear acrylic plantilla template with center line and registration holes for alignment
  • .200″ thick clear acrylicfingerboard template for 20 fret fingerboard. Registration holes and centerline for alignment
  • .200″ thick clear acrylic headpiece template with center line for alignment
  • .090″ thick clear acrylic bridge patch template with registration holes for exact placement

John’s Classical Guitar design is based on the ’37 Hauser, one of the best classical guitars of that era. I have plans for the ’37 Hauser as well as an acrylic template base on the same (and it’s dimensions are slightly different than the plans). John’s template is also slightly different and this is the reason I chose to also add another template to my stack of templates.

This is John’s design based on the Herman Hauser and his Solera is also dimensioned as the same. For this reason I choose to build a John S. Bogdanivich Concert Classical guitar with his own bracing patterns, a departure from that well known classical and not someone else’s design.
Another reason I chose John’s templates is I will use this template to fabricate a bending mold for my bending machine. (I also have 2 other bending molds for classical’s and each are different sizes each somewhat smaller than John’s… is this an issue? Not at all!

I especially like John’s peghead template, it is a very much better design than the peghead template that I had fabricated for the last classical I had built….. a very practical. The fret board template is indexed to coincide with the body template, they make very worthy companions..

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I bought the set of four piece of acrylic templates. What’s to say? They were perfect and exactly what I expected.

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I have used Sloans method for aligning the neck, sides top and back. First guitar in 1968 and then 12 more in last 5 years. ‘each time I seem to have some error in this process. I use your rims so it was not much to adapt your template and pin method. Will try on next guitar and I am excited to see the results. I also use your ;DVDs and book and find them very helpful. Watching your DVD’s makes me envious of your wood working skills.

Have you ever used oil finish with Tru oil. It has provided a nice finish on a couple of guitars and is easy and error free if you use very fine coats, wiping each coat clean as applied.

Thanks Ira, when I started building I looked at Sloan’s book and frankly there was not enough information there for me to try it. That may have been the problem. I have never used Tru oil. I will give it a try because I am now finishing my necks with oil and looking for a matte finish that feels good.

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640mm, 650mm