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Classical Guitar Plans & Acetates for Book

This full size set of classical guitar plans and acetates are necessary to construct the guitar in the book by John S. Bogdanovich, “Classical Guitar Making: A Modern Approach to a Traditional Design”. The set of guitar blueprints comes with acetates for laying out the guitar’s soundboard and back as demonstrated in book and DVD. These plans are available in 650 and 640mm scale length.


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These full size classical guitar plans and acetates are for the guitar constructed in the book “Classical Guitar Making: A Modern Approach to a Traditional Design”. The plans were developed because the only option for the plans in the book was to include them at a reduced size and provide a scale up factor. This does not result in consistent sizes across all copy machines, plus it is difficult to do.

These plans have been created in a CAD program to assure consistent sizing. Additional content has been added to the plans such as the side contour template as well as templates for the 15′ and 25′ radius sticks. These radius sticks are used to create the sanding dishes for the rims.

Acetates for both the top, and the back have been added for easy layout of the bracing. The soundboard acetate is as fully described in the guitar making book as well as the dvd series. The back acetate is used to lay out the back work board and is demonstrated in the guitar making 10-DVD box set. Both acetates will enable you to accurately position all the patches and braces on both the top and the back of the guitar.

The classical guitar plans and acetates are available in printed or digital download for 650 and 640mm scale lengths.

Included for both all versions of the plans:

  • 2-48″ x 24″ sheets of plans for guitar and templates
  • 2 24″ x 18″ acetates – one for soundboard, one for back
  • Printing Insructions for digital downloads

Plans are shipped in a tube.

Scale Length

640mm, 650mm

Delivery Option

Digital Download, Printed Copy

(verified owner)

I visited john’s shop in May and was impressed by his methods and techniques. I’ve begun to make a transition from the traditional bracing I’ve been uasing to experiment with his. These full size plans and acetates will be a help in trying out what he has learned over the years. He was making a new set of fret levelers when I was there. I’ve ordered a set of those as well.

(verified owner)

I have long dreamed of building a classical guitar. Recently the opportunity to read and purchase John’s book has inspired me again.

These plans are an excellent aide and time saver. The digital download is easy to print out and piece together from home. It is also nice to have a permanent digital copy for reference.

If you have purchased the book and plan on building the guitar I can recommend these plans with no reservations. Enjoy!

(verified owner)

Great addition to the book.
It’s nice also that the plan has drawings of 15 and 25 radius sticks- this allows you to make accurate templates, vital for carving the solera patch and back work board.

(verified owner)

Downloading the base templates for the guitar illustrated in the book is highly recommended as the quickest (and cheapest) way to complete the package of the book plus full size plans.
I would like the set to be all metric and perhaps one day either imperial AND metric plans will be available.
The book looks wonderful and the only thing in the way of perfection will be my ability to do the work.

(verified owner)

I bought the download version of these plans and am delighted with them. Measurements are in a mixture of metric and imperial which I have no issue with and is as per the book. Great to have the details for sides, butt and heel as well as profiles for different sections of the neck. Template drawings also included which is a bonus.

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