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Premium Classical Guitar Making Kit (Advanced Level)

The Premium Advanced Level Classical Guitar Making Kit will save you up-front work on templates and molds. The kit contains key guitar building products to help you get started right away. Premium Classical Guitar Making Kit now includes fingerboard slotting template!

Key items in the kit have been made on a CNC machine for ultimate accuracy and will improve your results.

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The advanced level premium classical guitar making kit contains all the key elements like the templates, molds and some of the tools necessary to build the classical guitar described in the award winning 10-DVD box set  “Making a Concert Classical Guitar with John S. Bogdanovich”. The plans included with the kit are the same plans that I build my guitars from today.

Guitar Design

This classical guitar making kit can be considered an advanced-level kit. The guitar design and techniques used to make the guitar in the 10-DVD box set are a bit more challenging that those in the book. The guitar design is a bit more sophisticated with different solutions to some of the design problems inherent in a classical guitar. Changes to the guitar design include an evolved bracing pattern for the soundboard and more elegant treatment of the upper bout for the fingerboard.

In guitar building there is always prep work. The premium classical guitar making kit contains many of the difficult to make components such as templates and molds. Start building the guitar right away without spending a lot of time on prep work.

Guitar Building Techniques

Hand skills are demonstrated throughout the process. Additionally, techniques used in the video focus more on power tools and equipment. Therefore, it is recommended that the user have some woodworking or guitar building experience. Whatever your level of craftsmanship I guarantee your woodworking skills will improved.

Guitar Making Kit Key Components – Created on a CNC Machine

The templates molds and some of the tools in all the guitar making kits have been made on a CNC machine for ultimate accuracy. which will improve results and make the process proceed more smoothly. All the components work together eliminating the guess work. Start with a solid foundation built to give you the confidence you need to accurately create a quality guitar.  You can produce a high quality classical guitar that sounds great and plays well.

Make a Solera from the Kit

If you already have some experience, tools and equipment the components in the premium guitar making kit will make it possible for you to create the solera accurately yourself.  Making a stable and reliable solera will require a re-saw bandsaw capable of re-sawing stock at least 5 inches in width. If you do not have this ability you may want to consider the introductory level classical guitar making master kit. This kit includes the solera kit with all the components that you’ll need already cut and prepared. This will allow you to build a guitar working right along with the DVD.

No Need for Additional Components

All the key components in all the guitar making kits are the same. All the components will work with both the guitar in the book and DVD. Make the guitar in the book first, then the guitar in the DVD. A new kit is unnecessary.

Kit available in 650mm scale length only.

Included in the kit:

  • Classical Guitar Making 10-DVD Box Set (Optional)
  • Complete set of full size plans and acetates for the guitar in the book
  • Classical guitar template set (4 templates)
  • New – 650mm fingerboard slotting template
  • Classical guitar mold set (side, lining molds and caul kit)
  • Rosette cutting router attachment with all three end mill bits
  • Adjustable classical guitar tuner drilling jig
  • 15′ and 25′ radius sticks and sanding pads
  • Buzz-Off® Fret leveling Kit
  • Glue Roller and squeeze bottle
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