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Classical Guitar Building Book & DVD Set

Classical Guitar Building Book & DVD Set

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The perfect guitar building book/dvd set from well known luthier/author John Bogdanovich. Excellent instruction displayed in amazing detail. Pick up new skills, get tool tips and learn to master guitar building techniques. Different guitar building techniques and guitar designs in each. Additional 20% Discount for all Subscribers!

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Product Description

The perfect guitar building set for your library. The highly regarded book “Classical Guitar Making: A Modern Approach to a Traditional Design” and the award winning 10-DVD video series by master artisan John S. Bogdanovich have been packaged together for a savings.

Expand your skill set and get better results no matter what level of experience you have. The excellent vividly detailed instruction will help you make a guitar that sounds great with optimal set up for playability. Both the video series and the book describe the making of a classical guitar in its entirety. And they each present a different guitar design.  Different guitar building techniques are also used to construct the guitar in each.

The book is geared toward the first time builder with and presents a traditional guitar design. The guitar building techniques demonstrated focus more on hand tool work. The guitar can be built using these methods with a minimally equipped shop.

The DVD presents a bit more challenging guitar design with more advanced building techniques. The techniques demonstrated use more power tools and equipment than those of the book. These techniques will have you working faster while getting better results. Theses techniques will work on the guitar in the book as well. Be sure to download the free dvd booklet(pdf) which outlines all the content and includes instructions for accessing the drawings on disc 10. Additional 20% Discount for all Subscribers!

The dvd includes full size color drawings and acetates for the guitar as well as most of the jigs and fixtures used in the video series. The book can be a helpful reference companion for the video series. Plans in the book are not full size. Full size printed plans are available for both here. 

In the book:

Over 600 photos and drawings
Plans for the guitar (not full size)
Plans for the binding/purfling cutter

In the DVD:

Over 14 hours of instructional video
Tips on tools and equipment
Full scale drawings and acetates for the guitar (PDF)

Jig & Fixture Drawings:

Solera with rims
Side Slot Cutting Jig
Purfling Cutter Revised
Inside Heel Cutting Sled
Shooting Boards
Bench hook
Wheat Gluing Fixture I & II
30 Degree Wheat Cutting Jig
Bridge Locator


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