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Complete Plane Making Kit

The complete plane making kit includes the Plane Making DVD, the compass plane kit, and the bench plane kit. Both the bench and compass plane kits come with wood for the body, shoe and cross pin and a blade & breaker assembly.


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The complete plane making kit has includes the Plane Making DVD, the compass plane kit, and the bench plane kit. Its everything you’ll need to make both these planes following along with the DVD.

A bench plane is the most used hand plane in any woodworking shop. This plane can be used for numerous woodworking tasks such as joinery, smoothing, thickness and even surface preparation. Wooden planes are great for thicknessing guitar tops. The bottom of the plane being made of wood will not dent the surface of the soft woods as a metal plane can. Learn how to make a plane that can rival any plane on the market in performance.

A compass plane is a curved bottom plane. the bottom of the plane is curved both across its width and along its length. The blade of this plane has an 8″radius. The compass plane is used in guitar making to scoop out the concave work boards used to make the guitar. But this type of plane has many more uses such as scooping a chair seat or sitting bench, creating a large bowl or tray, and just about any woodworking project that will require a concave surface.

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Compass Plane Kit with Plans
Bench Plate Kit with Plans
Plane Making DVD

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