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Bench Plane Kit

The bench plane kit includes all the wood necessary to make the plane as well as the high quality blade and breaker assembly. This plane is the most commonly used plane in any woodworking shop. The plane can be used for joinery, smoothing, thicknessing and even surface preparation. If constructed properly these planes can perform as well as the best planes on the market.


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The bench plane kit has everything necessary to construct the plane right along with the video.

The body and shoe are quarter sawn for ultimate stability and the blade and breaker assembly are supplied for our kits by Ron Hock. These blades and breakers are 3/16″ thick to eliminate deflection and chatter. They are made of high quality high carbon steel and will hold an edge longer.

The plane is easy to make, easier if you follow along with the dvd. This is a project for all skill levels and can be completed in a weekend. Discover how rewarding it can be to work with a plane that you have created yourself. If constructed properly the plane will perform as well if not better than anything you have ever used.

The kit includes:
a beech wood block for the body
a hardwood shoe
a hickory cross pin
a Hock Tools straight edge blade and breaker
plans for the plane.

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I really enjoyed this project. As you stated in the video it was a fairly simple one, but one that encouraged me to push myself with hand tools. Using a plane was not something I was very comfortable with. This project helped me overcome that. The finished plane works well, and actually looks good.

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