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Classical Guitar Tuner Drilling JIg

The adjustable tuning machine drilling jig is be used to drill holes for classical guitar tuning machine rollers that are 35mm on center. The jig comes with two shims which are can be used to create holes for two different base plate widths for a given headpiece veneer stack. Shims can be easily made to accommodate any headpiece design.


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The classical guitar tuner drilling jig is used to drill holes for tuning machine rollers that are 35mm on center, and require a diameter of 13/32 in the headstock of the guitar. The jig is designed for use with the headpiece template, which is part of the 4-piece template set also available from J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars. Two shims are included for tuners with base plate widths of 16 and 18mm, which will work for the Waverly bronze leaf and stippled bronze tuning machines respectively, carried by Stewart Mac Donald. Additional shims can be easily made for any size tuners. The hardened steel drill bushings are press fit and replaceable. The rest of the jig is handmade by John out of quality hardwood.

When used in conjunction with the headpiece template the outline of the headpiece is cut, and the tuning machine holes drilled with the template still in place. The slots for the strings can then be cut without having to reattach and reposition the template. To use, clamp the jig to the headpiece with template attached (as shown in the photo), and set in a small vice to drill. The jig is designed for a headpiece veneer stack of 4mm. The instructions include a drawing of a headpiece layout using a 18mm wide base plate, and a headpiece veneer stack of 4mm. Jig may be easily modified for a lower height veneer stack.

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Another of John’s simple but highly effective jigs. This piece avoids any possibility of error – especially after hours of work already invested in building the neck.

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