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Buzz-Off® Fret Leveling Kit for Guitars

The Buzz-Off® fret leveling kit is used to fix fret buzz caused by high frets. It’s easy to use – anyone can do it. Popular with guitar players as well as guitar builders and guitar repair personnel  the kit will find the high frets, level, crown and polish frets for an optimal set up. Quickly level and crown frets without nasty file scratches then dress frets to a nice shine. Everything you need is included.


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Level Frets Easily – Optimize Your Guitar’s Set Up

If you have fret buzz caused by high frets you can get rid of it yourself and save on big repair bills. Optimize your guitar’s set up and get your frets level. Watch the demonstration video below and in minutes you will be able to level your frets in no time. Thousands of people have done it! The kit will work for most common fret wire sizes and can easily be modified for any fret wire.

The BUZZ-OFF® Fret Leveling Kit will fix fret buzz caused by high frets. The kit will find, level and crown high frets to eliminate fret buzz and optimize set-up.  Fret leveling is easy with the kit. Anyone can do it. You don’t need a repair person. The kit will work on classical, acoustic and electric guitars.

Common Causes of Fret Buzz

The most common cause of fret buzz is a high fret. Frets that are not seated properly during installation will be high, resulting in fret buzz. Wear will cause a fret to be lower than the fret in front of it. Again, the result is fret buzz. A fret only  a couple of thousandths of an inch high can cause a buzz.  Fret leveling will take care of the problem.

Fret files leave deep scratches that are difficult to remove. Removing these scratches can result in additional fret buzz.

Fix Fret Buzz Easily

The kit will level, crown and dress fret without files – and without scratches! Level and crown the frets sanding block and 220 grit sand paper. Dress and polish the frets with the 400 grit sandpaper and steel wool.  An optimal set up is achieved when all the frets are in the same plane. Optimize your guitar’s set up with the  BUZZ-OFF® Fret Leveling Kit.

Everything is included in the kit! Fix fret buzz yourself. Anyone can do it.

Buzz-Off™ Fret Leveling Kit – Origins and Limitations

Luthier John Bogdanovich developed the kit to level and set up guitars. If your neck is twisted or warped in any way this kit will not be the answer to your problems, as a more involved repair is in order. The kit is not for neck flattening. If the problem is one or more of your frets are higher than they should be, this kit will find, level, and dress any high frets in no time, a simple fret buzz fix.

The dowels will find the high frets. The sanding block and sand paper will crown and dress the frets. The steel wool will polish the frets to a shine.


If your neck is twisted or warped in any way this kit will not be the answer to your problems, as a more involved repair is in order. The kit is not for neck flattening. If the problem is one or more of your frets are higher than they should be, this kit will find, level, and dress any high frets in no time, a simple fret buzz fix.

The fret leveling kit for guitars contains:

  • a 3″ steel dowel for frets 1-12
  • a 2″ steel dowel for frets 12-20
  • a 1-1/2″ steel dowel for frets 21-24
  • a hardwood sanding block shaped to crown the frets
  • 1 pc of 220 grit sandpaper
  • 1 pc of 440 grit sandpaper
  • 1 pc of #0000 steel wool
  • Instructions

There is enough sandpaper and steel wool for one guitar. For additional use just replace the sandpaper and steel wool.

(verified owner)

This kit was so easy to use and at a fraction of the price of other tools for fretwork. I’m glad I purchased this and it’s going to continue to get a lot of use.

(verified owner)

Easy to use and works as advertised. Looking at the kit you may think this is it? The kit is is simple and straightforward and it works, isn’t it nice to use a kit that doesn’t have a bag of parts you’ll never need.

(verified owner)

This kit worked like a charm. Spent about 4 hours leveling 12 frets on my ESP electric and the results are excellent. Great kit very simple yet precise and easy to use.

(verified owner)

fast and easy, worth the money

(verified owner)

I have just received this kit so cannot comment on how well it works. Having all the components one needs in one place I think will be very handy.

(verified owner)

I’ve been playing guitar for 43 years and have had issues with fret buzz on most of my guitars, i paid hundreds of dollars for repairs to resole the fret buzz, I was researching this on youtube and found Johns video, I purchased the Buz-zoff kit followed the directions and had amazing results on all of my guitars. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT its worth every penny.

(verified owner)

Must have.. Strongly Recommended!! AAA+++

(verified owner)

Very satisfied with the product.
Had issues with fret buzzing on my guitar (Puertorican Cuatro). Tried raising the action to compensate but it created other issues and made it uncomfortable to play. Was going to have professionally fixed, but decided to buy the Buzz Off Fret leveling kit first to try it out.
Was able to level the frets pretty easily with your method, improve the action and saved some money.

(verified owner)

I love when you find a method that totally makes leveling easy. This is a no brainer way to level frets. Thanks for all of your great products and tools, esp. your videos. The book is great also.

(verified owner)

This system worked perfectly in bringing my axe to life again. …small system and very effective.

(verified owner)

Excellent product as have been everything else I have purchase from JB. Just about to complete my first guitar build from John’s book/DVD and this levelling Kit made the fretwork a breeze.

(verified owner)

This minimalist approach to fret leveling is spot on. Inexpensive and maybe most important, no fret files that might do more harm than good in inexperienced hands like mine!

(verified owner)

these leveling tools were exactly what I needed , easy to determine the higher fret, easy to level it. thank you

(verified owner)

I struggle for achieving the best fret work that I can do, and this Buzz-Off Fret Leveling Kit is perfect for isolating high frets and working them down for eliminating fret buzz. The three steel dowels are perfect across the fretboard and the wooden jig works just great. This tool kit is both effective in finding and eliminating fret buzz and the price is great!

(verified owner)

Hello John,

Thank you again for rushing your Buzz-Off Fret Leveling Kit to me so quickly.

I was able to get rid of the buzz on my son’s Taylor in no time. Found two frets that needed leveling and your kit worked exactly as advertised. I have several other guitars I plan to use your kit on.

It was easy to use and worked great.

H. Kohn

(verified owner)

Hello John,

I am more-than-happy to provide my review of your Buzz-Off Fret Leveling kit, which thus far has enabled me to resurrect a 1970’s Les Paul with average fret heights < 0.02", and also eliminate string buzz and poor intonation on a CIJ Fender Strat with multiple worn and dented frets.

Thanks very much for making the Buzz-Off kit available to "lay" guitarists like myself. It is only entry-level tool I've encountered that de-mystifies the fundamental skill required to achieve the professional fret work of a Luthier.

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