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Buzz-Off® Fret Leveling Kit for Ukuleles and Mandolins

New Expanded Kit

The Buzz-Off® fret leveling kit is used to fix fret buzz caused by high frets. The kit is easy to use, anyone can do it. Popular with luthiers and guitar repair personnel, the kit is used to find the cause, level, crown frets and polish frets. Will remove fret buzz caused by high frets. Use kit for an optimal set up. Everything you need is included.


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Buzz-Off® Fret Leveling Kit for Ukuleles and Mandolins -Expanded

A Buzz-Off® Fret Leveling Kit for ukuleles and mandolins is now available. The kit will fix fret buzz caused by high frets. The kit will find, level and crown high frets to eliminate fret buzz and optimize set-up.

Fret Buzz can have many causes but the most common is a high fret. A fret that is only be a couple of thousandths of an inch high can cause fret buzz. Buzz-Off® Fret Leveling Kit for Ukuleles and Mandolins will level frets and optimize the instruments set up.

Fret files leave deep scratches that are difficult to remove. Removing these scratches can result in additional fret buzz.

Fret Leveling Kit – Easy to Use

Everything is included in the kit! Fix fret buzz yourself. Anyone can do it.


Luthier John Bogdanovich developed the kit to level and set up guitars. The dowels will find the high frets. The sanding block and sand paper will crown and dress the frets. The steel wool will polish the frets to a shine. Get your frets all in the same plane and optimize your guitar’s set up.


If your neck is twisted or warped in any way this kit will not be the answer to your problems, as a more involved repair is in order. The kit is not for neck flattening. If the problem is one or more of your frets are higher than they should be, this kit will find, level, and dress any high frets in no time, a simple fret buzz fix.

Watch a fret leveling kit video demonstration.

The ukuleles kit contains:

  • a 2-1/2″, 2″, 1.25″, 1.00″, .75, .5″ steel dowels (6)
  • a hardwood sanding block shaped to crown frets
  • 1 pc of 220 grit sandpaper
  • 1 pc of 400 grit sandaper
  • 1 pc of #0000 steel wool
  • Instructions

The Buzz-Off® Fret Leveling Kit can be used on the following instrunents:

  • Baritione Uke
  • Tenor Uke
  • Concert Uke
  • Soprano Uke
  • Gibson F5 Mandolin
  • Gibson A Mandolin

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