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Guitar Tuner – Intellitouch PT10c Tuner


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This is a great guitar tuner. I use this tuner in the shop and whenever I am playing guitar. The display is easy to see and the unit is small hence the audience is not distracted by it.

Intellitouch tuners have always been known for tuning precision. Now an extra dimension has been added with a precision digital clock incorporated into the PT10c Tuner. Hence, this feature allows musicians to discreetly check the time during a gig or lesson.

The Intellitouch PT10c Tuner ignores background noise. It senses the instrument’s vibration instead of using sound. It is designed to clip on the headpiece of the instrument.

Fits Bogdanovich Classical Guitars

The headpiece on a Bogdanovich Guitar is intentionally a bit thicker than the average classical guitar. Other models of tuners with clip-on capabilities do not open wide enough to fit a Bogdanovich headpiece. This tuner works perfectly on a Bogdanovich guitar. See the photo in the product gallery.

Works on a Wide Range of Instruments

The PT10c Intellitouch tuner works on classical, acoustic, and electric guitars. It also works with basses, violins, banjos, ukuleles and mandolins. The tuner mounts on the peg head of your instrument. The display can be pivoted so you can see it easily. This makes it perfect for use during live performance.

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Using this Tuner will insure that each string in your guitar is precisely tuned.

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