Recent Guitar Building Class

Recent one-on-one Guitar Building Class

In a recent guitar building class the student, William Kiel, from San Anotnio, TX , walked away with a really nice instrument. Sorry this took so long to post. Things have been a bit hectic here.

The guitar is an Indian rosewood spruce top 650mm scale length classical guitar. The center of the rosette features a book-matched maple burl veneer. The rosettes done in the one-on-one class are simple but elegant. Each rosette is unique. I always give the students suggestions and choices for wood selection.

Bill came with some skill and was very nice to work with which made the class a pleasure. We had fun and the guitar was completed on time, without rushing. We completed the guitar in 12 days – from a stack of boards to a strung up guitar. And the guitar sounded great.  Its always satisfying to see the students excitement when they string up the guitar. They are genuinely surprised at what they have created.

Additional One-on-One Class added for 2017

Guitar Making Class - Finished Guitar

In 2017 I have added another one-on-one guitar building class. I received more requests for classes than I had classes. Three a year is going to be the maximum.

The one-on-one class is intense. It works best if you have some experience. And that does not necessarily mean guitar building experience. But some woodworking experience is a must. The idea is for the student to do the work. If a student does not have any woodworking background I end up doing all the work. That is not a guitar building class. Students will learn more if they have some experience. It also helps if you have used some power tools. Students should be relaxed when they work.


Even with Experience you will Learn Some Skill

Even students with lots of experience have walked away with some new skill.  Students have also taught me a few things. Because of them I have added some new tools to my arsenal, learned about new products that have helped me in the shop, and picked up a new thing or two here and there. No one is ever beyond learning something new.

Bring your Partner

The downstairs apartment has been redone. There is areal kitchenette down there now with cabinets and all. There is plenty of room with nice furnishings. If you are thinking about taking a class you are welcome to bring your partner along with you. There is room enough for both of you.

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