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End Mill Bits for Rosette Inlay

Bits for Guitar Rosette Inlay

These hard to find bits are ideal for inlaying guitar rosettes into the top. These bits can be used to install rosettes in both classical guitar and steel string guitars. Sizes available are 1/16″, 3/32″ an 1/8″.

Glue Squeeze Bottles

Glue Bottle

This squeeze glue bottle is the same as those used in the guitar making book and 10-dvd box set by John S. Bogdanovich. Apply glue neatly, and in the correct amounts for small jobs. The metal stem can be shortened for comfort.

Glue Roller

Glue Roller

Apply glue neatly, evenly, and easily get the right amount on the surface. Great for applying glue to large surfaces. This glue roller is the same as the one used in the guitar making book and 10-dvd box set by John S. Bogdanovich.

Making Wooden Hand Planes DVD

Plane Making DVD

In this dvd John shares his years of plane making experience and demonstrates the construction of a bench plane, and a compass plane. A bench plane is the most commonly used plane in any shop. Its many uses include joinery, smoothing and thicknessing. The compass plane is a curved bottom plane used to scoop out a concave surface. If constructed properly the performance of these planes can rival any plane on the market.

Wooden Hand Plane Kits

Complete Plane Making Kit

The complete plane making kit includes the Plane Making DVD, the compass plane kit, and the bench plane kit. Both the bench and compass plane kits come with wood for the body, shoe and cross pin and a blade & breaker assembly.