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Classical Guitar Wood Details Kit

Classical Guitar Wood Details Kit

The wood details kit includes all the hard to find wood necessary to create a guitar using the building methods in the book and dvd. An elegant color scheme for the guitars’s details has been selected that is different from both the book and the dvd. The components are put together the same way as they are in the book and dvd, the advantage is this scheme will work for both a spruce or cedar top guitar just about any back and sides wood. Kit includes side and lining laminations, detail and headpiece veneer, bindings and back strip, cross-grain back center patch and veneer for creating the wheat motif and rosette center ring.

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Classical Guitar Rosette Kit

Classical Guitar Rosette Kit for Book or DVD

The classical guitar rosette kit contains all the material necessary for producing an elegant rosette like the signature J.S. Bogdanovich rosette. The rosette kit color schemes have been designed to work well with either a spruce or cedar top guitar. The black and yellow motif is the same as the scheme in the book and the brown and yellow motif  is suited for a rosette similar to the one in the dvd. Drawings of possible motifs included.