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Classical Guitar Rosette Kit

Classical Guitar Rosette Kit for Book or DVD

The classical guitar rosette kit contains all the material necessary for producing an elegant rosette like the signature J.S. Bogdanovich rosette. The rosette kit color schemes have been designed to work well with either a spruce or cedar top guitar. The black and yellow motif is the same as the scheme in the book and the brown and yellow motif  is suited for a rosette similar to the one in the dvd. Drawings of possible motifs included.

Classical Guitar Solera Kit

Classical Guitar Solera Kit

The solera kit can be used with either the guitar in the book, or the dvd. The  MDF solera substrate has been capped with 1/4″ birch solid core plywood on both top and bottom surfaces for stability. Soft carving wood for the lower and upper bout are provided along with assembled rims and hardware necessary to attach removable rims. Currently available in 650mm scale length only.

Introductory Classical Premium Guitar Making Kit

Premium Classical Guitar Making Kit (Introductory Level)

The Introductory Level Classical Guitar Making Premium Kit will save you prep work and help you get started on your guitar quickly. The kit includes key items necessary to build your guitar using my methods. The key components have been made on a CNC machine for ultimate accuracy which will improve your results. Get the confidence you’ll need and maximize your chances and of producing a quality guitar.
If you are new to guitar building this kit is an excellent starting place.
Save over $60 Purchasing as a Kit!

Caul kit for classical guitar molds

Caul Kit for Guitar Sides and Linings

The caul kit includes all the material necessary to create the side mold glue caul and the caul necessary to install the linings. All the material is pre-cut. Masonite is available pre-bent for the guitar in the book and DVD, or straight for a guitar design of your choice. Instructions for construction are included.

Guitar Headpiece Veneer

Guitar Headpiece Veneer

Guitar headpiece veneer is used for their decorative effect on the sides of the headpiece.  There are typically a few layers laminated on the headpiece with the top piece being a thicker piece of the same wood as the back and sides. These headpiece veneers can be used on classical or steel string guitars. Veneers are available in a variety of colors that will work with either spruce or cedar top guitars.