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fret slotting kit

Fret Slotting Kit

The best way to cut the slots for your frets is with a table saw fret slotting system. This will assure your frets are in the right position and your instrument will be intonated correctly.
The fret slotting kit contains the fret slotting template which includes the compensated fret spacing as used in the book and dvd for improved intonation as well as the standard spacing, UHMW runners for the table saw, a registration pin, and a dimensioned drawing for the sled. Kit is available in 650mm scale length only.

Advanced Premium Guitar Making Kit

Premium Classical Guitar Making Kit (Advanced Level)

The Premium Advanced Level Classical Guitar Making Kit will save you up-front work on templates and molds. The kit contains key guitar building products to help you get started right away. Premium Classical Guitar Making Kit now includes fingerboard slotting template!

Key items in the kit have been made on a CNC machine for ultimate accuracy and will improve your results. Save over $60 purchasing as a Kit!

Binding Cutter in action

Purfling/Binding Cutter Attachment Plans

These complete and detailed plans are for constructing a purfling/binding cutter router used to create binding and purfling channels on acoustic guitars. The original plans for this device appeared in the book and were later redrawn and improved for the guitar making 10-DVD box set.

Binding cutter can be used to cut channels on classical and steel string guitars.

Classical Guitar Heel Cutting Jig

Classical Guitar Heel Cutting Jig Plans

This set of plans includes drawings for a classical guitar heel cutting jig used to cut the slots in the heel for the sides.  Jig can be used to cut slots for any scale length guitar without adjustment and is for use on a table saw. Also included is a heel cutting sled for cutting the cheeks on the inside portion of the heel on a band saw.  These sleds were used in the DVD.

classical guitar lining mold

Classical Guitar Lining Mold Kit

The classical guitar lining mold kit is a two piece mold used to laminate strips of wood to form guitar linings. Made with CNC accuracy the mold will produce linings that fit the guitar sides perfectly. Material to make the glue cauls necessary to install the linings is included. This mold will work with both the book, DVD and ’37 Hauser classical guitar.

Available in both 650 and 640mm scale lengths