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Glue Roller

Glue Roller

Apply glue neatly, evenly, and easily get the right amount on the surface. Great for applying glue to large surfaces. This glue roller is the same as the one used in the guitar making book and 10-dvd box set by John S. Bogdanovich.

Guitar Building Radius Sticks

Guitar Building Radius Sticks

These radius sticks are used in guitar making to create the 15′ and 25′ radius sanding discs, the solera, and the back workboard. The 15′ and a 25′ radius sticks are available as a set.The sticks are 16″ long and are made of quality hardwood.

guitar back braces

Mahogany Guitar Back Braces

The mahogany back braces come as a set of three. The high quality genuine has been resawn to about 9mm in width and about 19mm high. There is one for each of the back braces for the guitar described in the book and dvd. The braces are slightly over sized and must be trimmed and shaped before gluing.

Maple burl for guitar rosettes

Maple Burl for Guitar Rosette Center Ring

Create a spectacular looking rosette! Try this maple burl for your center ringThe maple burl veneer has been laminated to another hardwood veneer to provide stiffness, stability and the proper thickness to cut and inlay into the rosette.