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classical guitar slotted fingerboard

Slotted Indian Ebony Classical Guitar Fingerboards

The Indian ebony guitar fingerboards are the best quality and color fingerboards I have seen a quite a while. The fingerboard can be slotted with your preference of either compensated fret spacing, or the standard rule of 18 fret spacing. Compensated fret spacing give you better intonation up and down the fret board and is the spacing used for on all my guitars and is what was used  in the classical guitar making book and DVD box set. These fine quality fingerboards available in 650mm scale length only.

Binding and purfling detail on indian rosewood classical guitar by John Bogdanovich

Wood for Guitar Bindings & Backstrip

There are few colors that go with both spruce and cedar tops as far as bindings go. And if you can find something that works it might not bend easily. I have selected jotoba for the bindings and backstrips for all my wood kits because the color goes with either spruce or cedar and it bends well.

Fret Slotting-Template

Classical Guitar Fret Slotting Template

The classical guitar fret placement template is used to create the slots in the fingerboard of the guitar for the frets. The template is used with a table saw sled demonstrated in the guitar making DVD. Created with CNC accuracy the template has both standard and compensated (from the book and DVD) fret positions and is made of .220″ clear acrylic. Available in 650mm scale length.

classical guitar mold kit

Classical Guitar Mold Kit

The classical guitar mold set is used to bend and laminate guitar sides, make the linings, and install the linings as demonstrated in the book and DVD by John Bogdanovich. The molds are designed for the guitar in both the book and the DVD. The shape of the plantilla is the same as a ’37 Hauser classical guitar. the molds are made on a CNC machine for ultimate accuracy. The molds and cauls are bundled together for a savings.

Guitar Plans

Classical Guitar Plans & Acetates for DVD

This full size set of classical guitar plans and acetates are for the guitar constructed in the DVD. These plans are included on the DVD as PDFs. This guitar design is the current Bogdanovich guitar. This design is also based on the ’37 Hauser plantilla therefore all the templates will also work for this guitar. For those who have not purchased the DVD but would like to try their hand at a more challenging design, these plans are now available. The plans are printed in gray scale and only available in 650mm scale length.