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guitar back center patch

Cross-Grain Mahogany Center Patch

The cross-grain mahogany back center patch is necessary for the stability of the back along the center seam. These patches are made from pieces mahogany that have been glued up cross-grain for stability to form a single patch approximately 18″ to cover the back strip and joint on the back.

Guitar Side Laminations

Guitar Side Laminations

To create laminated guitar sides as described in the book and the guitar making dvd box set, four pieces of veneer are required per guitar in addition to the outer wood of choice (ie. Indian or Brazilian rosewood). A set of four veneers – enough for one guitar – are available in two types of wood, Alaskan yellow cedar and pear wood for this purpose.

Guitar Pegwinder

Herco Guitar Pegwinder

The guitar pegwinder cuts the time of string changing and tuning to seconds. A “+” shaped wider peg opening fits all sizes of pegs. Larger, stronger and more durable than any other winder on the market.

guitar back braces

Mahogany Guitar Back Braces

The mahogany back braces come as a set of three. The high quality genuine has been resawn to about 9mm in width and about 19mm high. There is one for each of the back braces for the guitar described in the book and dvd. The braces are slightly over sized and must be trimmed and shaped before gluing.