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guitar rosette router attachment

2-Pi Guitar Rosette Router Attachment

The circle cutting router attachment is used to inlay guitar rosettes and create circular patches. This attachment can be used with any laminate trimming router (Rigid R2400 Laminate trimming router is recommended). This luthier tool is made of high quality clear acrylic and is fully adjustable to accommodate just about any size rosette, sound hole and rosette patch.

End Mill Bits for Rosette Inlay

Bits for Guitar Rosette Inlay

These hard to find bits are ideal for inlaying guitar rosettes into the top. These bits can be used to install rosettes in both classical guitar and steel string guitars. Sizes available are 1/16″, 3/32″ an 1/8″.

buzz off fret leveling kit for guitars

Buzz-Off® Fret Leveling Kit for Guitars

The Buzz-Off® fret leveling kit is used to fix fret buzz caused by high frets. It’s easy to use – anyone can do it. Popular with guitar players as well as guitar builders and guitar repair personnel  the kit will find the high frets, level, crown and polish frets for an optimal set up. Quickly level and crown frets without nasty file scratches then dress frets to a nice shine. Everything you need is included.


Classical Guitar Fret Wire

Nickel-silver 18% alloy fret wire for classical guitars.

Guitar Building Radius Sticks

Guitar Building Radius Sticks

These radius sticks are used in guitar making to create the 15′ and 25′ radius sanding discs, the solera, and the back workboard. The 15′ and a 25′ radius sticks are available as a set.The sticks are 16″ long and are made of quality hardwood.