Veneer & Laminations

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Guitar Side Laminations

Guitar Side Laminations

To create laminated guitar sides as described in the book and the guitar making dvd box set, four pieces of veneer are required per guitar in addition to the outer wood of choice (ie. Indian or Brazilian rosewood). A set of four veneers – enough for one guitar – are available in two types of wood, Alaskan yellow cedar and pear wood for this purpose.

guitar lining laminations

Mahogany Lining Laminations for Guitars

In order to create linings as described in the book four mahogany laminations are required. These laminations are approximately .042″ thick. This thickness is not available from wood suppliers therefore these pieces must be milled from larger stock. Now a complete set is available for building your guitar.

decorative veneer sheets

Decorative Veneer Sheets

Sheets of veneer are available in 3 colors yellow, brown, and black. These veneers are excellent choices for the decorative parts on the guitar such as purflings, bindings, butt strip, and rosette. Ebonized pear wood veneer is simply the best black veneer. All other veneers are natural colored.

Guitar Headpiece Veneer

Guitar Headpiece Veneer

Guitar headpiece veneer is used for their decorative effect on the sides of the headpiece.  There are typically a few layers laminated on the headpiece with the top piece being a thicker piece of the same wood as the back and sides. These headpiece veneers can be used on classical or steel string guitars. Veneers are available in a variety of colors that will work with either spruce or cedar top guitars.