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Guitar Building Radius Sticks

Guitar Building Radius Sticks

These radius sticks are used in guitar making to create the 15′ and 25′ radius sanding discs, the solera, and the back workboard. The 15′ and a 25′ radius sticks are available as a set.The sticks are 16″ long and are made of quality hardwood.

radiused sanding pads for guitar building

Radiused Sanding Pads for Guitar Building

These radiused sanding pads are the same as those used in the guitar making book and DVD series by John S. Bogdanovich. Both pads come equipped with a comfortable yet sturdy hardwood handle which  is firmly attached. Pads are radiused to 25 and 15 feet for the dome of the guitar top and back respectively. Pads come with 80 grit sandpaper adhered to surface.