More Guitar Making Video Coming – Shop Redux Complete

After Shop Redux - ready to shoot video

More guitar making video is on the way. Finally, the shop overhaul is complete. Lots of changes were made to make shooting video easier, create some room, and separate the different aspects of the shop. I also added some new equipment that was desperately needed.  I will talk about the equipment in the next post.

The whole thing took a while. There was so much to do. Wood that was not being used for guitar making were either given away, put in the burn piles or moved to another place. That was tough because I don’t like getting rid of any wood regardless of it size. I will hang on to small pieces of wood with some project in mind that never materializes. I’m sure you know what I mean. So I am sorry for the delay in getting out new video. This took longer than anticipated but we are ready to start shooting again.

Sorry for the Delay –  More Guitar Making Video Coming Soon

Bench Area - Ready for Shooting VIdeo

Bench Area – Ready for Shooting More Guitar Making Video

The shop was in such bad shape that it made shooting video difficult and unsafe. There were too many things on the floor. I needed some floor space and better storage.Changes were made with storage. The lighting was not optimized and it was a nightmare to maneuver with the lights and cameras in there as it was. Something had to be done. So we hung the lights from the ceiling.

Since we would be doing so much rearranging I thought why stop there? Lets get the whole thing in order.

The goal of the redux was to make it easier to shoot video, create space and make it safe again. There is now almost nothing on the floor. Everything was either hung up or eliminated. Racks were created. I finally have a veneer rack. The loft space above the office was overhauled and anything not related to guitar making was removed. I followed my own guidelines outlined in the guitar making environment section.

We are now ready to shoot some more guitar making video and I am excited to get it going.

The Best of All – The Spray Room is Now an Office

The biggest change for me was moving my office out of my house and into my shop. I converted the spray room into an office. Since I no longer spray I could not justify that space not being used. Moving the office out into the shop has no only created separation of my personal life from my business , but it has put me in the shop more. And that is where I need to be.

It will be so much easier to edit the video and create the drawings now that I will be in the shop when I am doing it. I can’t wait to get started. Check back in soon for more guitar making video.

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Love your book,look forward to diving into it in depth.looking forward to loads of new vids.

Hi John!

You mention above that you are no longer spraying. Have you discussed this in any blog posts? I was wondering why the change and what method you are using now.

I haven’t sprayed for years now. I developed a sensitivity to the chemicals and it would make me ill. People think spraying is faster and easier but they are dead wrong. Way more stuff can go wrong with spraying. Things you don’t have much control over. I now use violin varnish which is basically shellac with additives that make it harder, dry faster and a higher solids content making it a thicker finish. you only need a couple of properly applied coats. I also use an oil/urethane on the necks. They are not as slippery and look way better. I apply everything with a brush or pad. I really don’t like high gloss finishes. A nicely done satin finish has a way more elegant look for my taste.

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